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The small and ancient town of Tregaron lies alongside Gors Goch Glan Teifi, the largest peat bog in
Wales. Tregaron derives its name from Caron, an Irish saint of the second or third century AD.
            Tregaron was the birthplace in 1530 of the legendary Welsh character Twm Siôn Cati ("Tom John,
son of Catherine"), often described as the Welsh equivalent of Robin Hood.
The pictures were taken around noon in the centre of Tregaron on a sunny April day.

Photo provided by John Ball of Wales-Click photo for this web site
St Caron's Church, Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales
Birth place of the SHELBY'S

Click to hear the sounds of the Welsh language
A street scene in Tregaron

Photo provided by John Ball of Wales-Jan 2001
The town bank, and Y Llew Côch (Red Lion) inn (right).

Photo provided by John Ball of Wales
One of the many narrow lanes in Tregaron.

Photo provided by John Ball of Wales
A row of old cottages, the centre one now in use as the
Just Curious antiques shop.

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-Benjamin Franklin


Descendants of Phillip and Margaretta Selby/Shelby -part one
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Descendants of Phillip and Margaretta Selby/Shelby -part two
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Chronology of Evan Shelby and Letitia Cox  2006
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Time goes so fast. Life ask so much. O, call back yesterday
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Some circumstanial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk
-Henry David Thoreau, Journal, Nov 1850



Cardiganshire (in Welsh - Ceredigion) is a bilingual County in West Wales,UK. Everybody speaks English and over 60% of the population speaks Welsh. Following the recent dissolution of the large administrative county of Dyfed, the historic county of Cardiganshire was reinstated with county status under the ancient name of Ceredigion.
In the 19th century and earlier Cardiganshire's economy was based on farming, seafaring, and metal mining . Harsh economic conditions meant that many individuals and families left the county for other parts of the UK and overseas. Their descendants are now living in most of the English-speaking world .
There are strong connections between Cardiganshire and parts of north America ; in particular, Pennsylvania, Ohio,Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

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