Judy's Territory


John and Judy
John and Judy Trolinger, aboard the USS Okanogan 1962


Our boy's in San Francisco
Mike and David Trolinger


Our Grandson
Geoffrey Trolinger


Our granddaughter
Hillary Browning


Our Granddaughter
Allison Trolinger


Our grandson
Kyler Trolinger


Lone Star State
From California Improved Okie to Texas Improved Californian
<very short version>

       I was born and (partially) raised in Oklahoma, a place my mother wasn't too crazy about - she preferred the ocean. It took a few years to convince dad to make the move, but we eventually made it to San Pedro, California, and here we stayed. I graduated from  San Pedro High SchoolClassmates

       I entered nursing school at Harbor College near Los Angeles, California - during this time we moved to Long Beach, California so dad could be closer to his work.  With our mother's playing matchmakers, my future husband and I 'discovered' each other. On 21 September 1962 - We married here-John and Judy

       In the summer of 1969 we [kids and I], made our first trip to Texas and stayed with John's father [Johnny] in the home that is now ours. John had just left the Navy, and was all set up (he thought) to start work as a Traffic Controller at the airport in Houston. Well the 'powers to be' had a hiring freeze- No job- So John was running around Texas looking for another place to work-Short story, it didn't happen, and John went back into the Navy.

Ride em cowgirl! Yeah that's me-Judy 1981
On the road to Clark Airbase, Philippines
The favorite mode of transportation-
the water buffalo

    In 1979 we headed for duty at Subic Bay, Philippines...We arrived at a good time-Things were fairly peaceful and President Marcos had just lifted Martial Law. Spent 4 years there and for the most part we all loved it. One of the highlights for me, was the day the Philippine Officer Wives Club, invited the Navy Officer Wives Club, to an all day trip to Corregidor - On President Marcos private yacht. It is definitely a trip I will long remember!

A spooky experience, where time has stood still

Other happenings while there: I got my first ride on a Carribou; David and Mike graduate from George Dewey High School; I'm awarded the Red Cross, Clara Barton medal, for my volunteer work as an Instructor, Instructor Trainer, for CPR, and First Aide, for our military service personnel, and the Philippine personnel that worked on the base; John's car is 'done in' during a Typhoon; John and others, get stuck off base just before Marshall Law was lifted..They could not make contact with anyone - Me- I was terrified, and had him dead and buried -He came straggling in, worn out, about 7am the next morning-All was well again; I could write a book on my experiences with Space-A travel, which I did each summer- Went State side to visit the folks for a few weeks; After David graduated from HS, he left for Boot Camp at Great Lakes [see his page] Did a lot of shopping; Made some great friends; had a lot of fun; Still miss the food;

It was Johnny who got me hooked on genealogy - and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Country road take me home
Our drive in front of the house

   We live in the beautiful hill country of Texas, in Kerr County - Whoever came up with the definition for the word 'retirement', didn't know what they were talking about!  We stay busier now than we did when we worked.  Visit My Navy Guy's page to see what keeps him occupied. I am currently the volunteer Librarian for the Kerrville Genealogical Society. Follow the links to our new home -The Kerr Regional History and Genealogy Center- next to the Kerrville public Library, home away from home

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