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Wills, etc, at random - use the "find on page" under EDIT, to locate what you are looking for. Note-Anything that I have added, will be in [  ] brackets only, and is not part of the original. Unless noted, all of these are my abstracts - due of course to - space-space-space.

Evan Shelby Sr died at his home, "Maidens Choice", Frederick County, MD. He died Intestate, as sworn by his widow Catherine [Morgan], and son Evan Shelby, as Administrators of his estate, on 18 Jul 1751.

Inventories (1751-2) No. 48 T.A.S., page 332, at the Land Commissioner's office, Frederick Co, MD:
The Inventory of Evan's estate was not very large and didn't appear to be worth a whole lot, but shows he had several slaves. Sons, Moses & John, signed as the nearest kin & recorded 6 Aug 1751.  James Davies and Isaac Baker signed as witnesses. The sale took place on 6 Sept 1751, to be held at the dwelling house of Evan Shelby lately deceased...
From a few later notations, the sale did not cover all of Evan's debts, as by 1754 Catherine and son Evan, Jr, were still being sued for his debts.

The following 'vendue' was taken from the records of the clerk's office, Frederick Co, MD:

The conditions of this vendue to be held the 6th day of September, 1751, at the dwelling house of Evan Shelby of Frederick County, lately deceased, is as follows:
  First.   Whoever buys the value of 20 shillings and upward shall have nine months' credit; and whosoever buyeth under the value of 20 shillings shall pay before he, or they, shall move any particulars, and the highest bidder shall be the buyer after three distinct crings. The administrators reserve one bidding for themselves at every particular, and if, in case any one should return back any of these goods to the damage or hindrance of said sale, shall pay 2 shillings per pound to said administrators, and that every one shall give sufficient security.
   signed: Evan Shelby, Jr   Catherine Shelby.
Inventory of Evan Shelby Sr

1751             MD       Frederick Co    Inventory made
6 Aug.          A True Inventory of the appeasement of the goods....of Evan Shelby late of Frederick County Deceased
                     in current money so far as the same hat been brought to the Sight and Knowledge of us the appraisers
                     having first Qualified according to the Directions and authority to us Given before Nathaniel Alexander
                     one of the Justices of the Peace for said County the sixth day of August 1751
           Imprimis     [L=pound   s=Sterling  d=?]
           To his Ridding horse saddle & Bridle & his apparel  14L 10s
           To 6 heads of horses   12L
           To 10 heads of old hordes mares & colts   24L
           To 7 cows   14L  10s
           To 16 young cattle & calves 1 heifer & 1 steer   23L  16s
           To 24 sheep   4L  10s
           To 13 head of swine   3L  5s
           To 25 shoats   2L  10s
           To household goods  14L  9s  6d
           To plow & harrow and some old irons   3L  6s  8d
           To 2 stacks of winter grain   4L
           To 3 servants George Mercy   10L
           To Mary Sterling   5L
           To Ben Knight a mulatto   10L
           To a blind servant man named John Harvey   9s
           The above appraised by us as witness our hands
                                               James Davies
                                               Isaac Baker
           Signed by the nearest kin: Moses (M) Shelby and  John Shelby.
           Geo. Gorton, Creditor; William Belle Jun Cruder
           Source: Inventories, 1751-2 (book #48 T.A.S.) p48   [From Mrs. Hoberta Frost, Bridgeport TX]
Will of Evan Shelby, Jr
Wisconsin State Historical Society-DRAPER COLLECTION, 16DD33-  Letter from James Thompson to brother-in-law, [Gov] Isaac Shelby "Dear Sir,-  I expect before this time you have heard of your father's death which happened about the third of December. Would it not be well to fall upon some method to settle his affairs, it will prevent them from going to destruction, which will be the case if something is not shortly done. He left no will that I know of  if you will devise some method I will cheerfully assist in the business  He never had a title for the land he livd on but the sellers? will make it any time, when applied to There remains something unpaid on it, yet I believe the estate is not in debt any amt__I wish you could come into this country & see how his business lyes__pray write me the first opportunity...none of his connections here will undrtake to do anything  I wish title for the land to be made to his son Jimmy...
I am yours Jas Thompson 25 Jany 1795

According to CKS:
Evan's will was evidently filed in Sullivan County, but was destroyed by the burning of the court house during the battle of Blountville in the War Between the States, 1863.
A copy was entered, however, in Washington County, Virginia, Will book No2, page 186, having been probated there on Oct 25, 1798

Dated 21 Feb 1778:
 "I Evan Shelby being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, do dispose of my Estate as follows, Viz. It is my desire that all my just debts be first paid.
Item. I give to my eldest son John Shelby that Tract of land whereon he now lives on Wattago River in the State of North Carolina the purchase money and officers fees that may be due for the said land is to be paid out of my Estate by executors hereafter to be mentioned, my land laying on Buffalow Creek a branch of Wattago aforesaid, I desire my executors to sell and dispose of all the money arising there from to be equally divided between my two grandchildren Evan and Sarah Shelby. Also I give to my said grandchildren to be delivered to them in one year after my death each one a mare to be of the value of twenty-five punds each; I give and bequeath to my son Isaac Shelby, all my part of that tract of land laying in Washington County and State of Virginia known by the name of the Hazel Lands, being one third part of the said whole tract (being on the south and southeast end thereof) which I purchased from Col. William Preston in partnership with John Shelby son and in case the said land cannot be made good by the said William Preston according to my purchase of him, then my desire is that my son Isaac Shelby shall receive in lieu thereof one hundred and fifty pounds out of the remaining part of my estate.
I give to my daughter Catherine Shelby Six Hundred pounds Virginia currency to be paid to her as soon as my lands lying in the State of Maryland can be sold by my executors, and if the sale of the said lands do not amount to six hundred punds the deficiency to be paid her by my executors out of the remainder of my estate.
I also give and bequeath to my said daughter Catherine the mare and her two colts which I had formerly given to her and four couws, also a feather bed, and furniture for it;
I give and bequeath the remaining part of my estate both real and personal to my fours sons vis. Isaac Shelby, James Shelby, Evan Shelby and Moses Shelby to be equally and fairly divided amongt them, and lastly my desire is that Isaac Shelby, James Shelby, and Evan Shelby be my executors, to whom I give full power and authority to sell and dispose of my estate in the best manner that each one may receive his or her own part of my estate as before mentioned...21st day of February, 1778..signed Evan Shelby
Witnesses: James Thompson, Geo. Blackburn, John Patterson"
Will of Robert Prince,  [This will abstract is out of Jefferson Co, MS-This was sent to me by Robert R Stuart]
Wife - Jane Prince
Slaves - woman, Nancy, age 55; Lett, age 58, Winn, age 32, Milley, age 31, man, Reuben, age 29, boy, Solomon, age 17; woman, Lucky, age 30, and her child Philadelphia; and a man due him from Edward M. Pennington.

Slave - Frederick, son of Winny, age 4 months.
Slave - boy, Isaac, child of Winny, age 4 years old.
Slave - boy, Henry, son of Winny, age 2
Sons - Alexander Prince, Robert Prince, John G. T. Prince,  W. B. Prince, Bayless E. Prince.
Daughters - Sally Pennington, Elizabeth Prince, Cynthia Masquillian, Myra Jane Prince, Polly Berry Shelby, Patsey Berg Shelby
Witnesses - William Kelly, Elijah L. Clark, James McCall, William Selman, Richard W. Kelly, John A. Goodson ,
Executors - wife, and son, John G. T. Prince.
           Dated: July 19, 1817

[Need to re check this [Feb 2004]
The will was probated in Oct 1821 in Jefferson Co MS-
 Names in Will - Bayless E PRINCE; W.B. PRINCE; Patsy K SHELBY; Polly Berry SHELBY; and  Sarah Steen JEFFERIES
Will of Bayliss E Prince, Claiborne County, MS -

Dated 1825
Wife: Catherine Shelby Prince shall have the tract of land upon which I now reside during her natural life, or she be pleased to marry again, and upon the happening of the above contingencies, I will and bequeath the said tract of land to my son William Berry Prince, now about the age of two years...should my son die without heirs of his body, then I will and bequeath said land to the orphaned children of my deceased brother and sister, to be divided between them to the most needy...
Should my wife be delivered either of a maile or female child which shall liveor not die before it reaches twenty one years, or without heirs of its body it is my will and desire, that all the negros of which I am now possessed shall be divided equally and equitably, between my wife and my two children
It is my will and desire that all of my estate as above bequested be kept and remain together and in common, and shall not be immediately divided unless it shall be deemed expedient by my executors until my wife shall again marry or till my son reaches the age of twenty one years.
It is my will and desire that all the foregoing bequests shall be altered and of no affect on the happening of the following contingency, first that wereas my wife Catherine S is now encient or pregnant of child it is my will and desire that if my wife should be delivered of a male or female child, to be named by my wife, which shall live, that then my wife is to have the afore said tract of land during life or until she shall again marry.
It is my will and desire that all my personal estate not before mentioned consisting of hogs, horses, cattle, household and kitchen furniture and tools shall be and remain to my wife and child or children as may be equally about the plantation.
Lastly, I do here by nominate and appoint my brother william Berry Prince and my wife Catherine as my lawful executors to execute and administer my will according to its bequests and provisions...dated 1825 Baylis E Prince signs
Signed in the presence of William Terry, Andrew Ellis, N. Jefferies
It is my will and desire to alter so much of that part of my will which relates to the vesting my estate of it as would go to my child or children, in the orphan children of my deceased brothers and sisters....1825...
Will of Catherine Shelby  Prince, Claiborne Co, MS [from Mississippi County Court Records.  The May Wilson MCP Papers, 1967, p39]

P307 - dated 1854, proved 4 Jul. 1860, filed 25 Septa 1860
To my grandson Baileys Earl Prince, a negro boy named Thompson
To my grandson Baileys Earl Humphreys, a negro boy named Hoarse
To my grand-daughter, Catherine Prince Humphreys, a negro girl Amanda
All the rest of my estate, real and personal…to my daughter, Catherine B Humphreys
To the children of my deceased son William B Prince; ½ to my said daughter and other half to the children of my son William.
Exert: my brother, Nathaniel Jeffrey.
Wil:Wm. Hughes, James Jeffrey, Edward Coleman.
To my grandson, Baileys Earl Humphreys, my servant boy, Isaac, in place of the one I willed him several years ago, who has
since died, his name being Hoarse.
I also will that my servant man, Green at my death go to my son's children at his appraised value as they own his family.
I will that my daughter, C. Baileys Humphreys shall take the servants I heired from my mother's estate as a portion of her half of my negro property, they having relations living in the neighborhood desire that she should take them (names given)
Also I desire that my furniture be equally divided between my daughter, C. Baileys Humphreys and my daughter-in-law, Martha Prince and that they should divide it themselves.
I want my daughter, Baileys to inherit five thousand dollars more than my son's children because she has had more trouble with me.
Jul. 4 1860. Filed 23 Jul. 1860.  James A Gagem Clk. By Ben F. Booth, D. C.
Will of William Dunbar, Adams Co, MS -from Mississippi Court Records, 1799 - 1835, repr of 1936 edition, compiled by J. Estelle Stewart King, p20
[This is an interesting will, and one that had long been a puzzle-Recent research has proven the Evan Shelby (1767-1821) that is mentioned, was the husband of Mary Doane, and Evan was the son of Evan and Charity Shelby-I suspect this may be Evan of Rees and Mary Shelby, and Charity, the long missing first wife.]

30 Oct 1810
William Dunbar
Wife: Dinah, to have electrical machine and microscope and other instruments of superior value.
Daughters: Elizabeth and Helen, to have land where Evan Shelby lives. Isarel Smith to have trust for Polly Doan and her children.
Son: William, to have all chemical, astronomical, philosophical apparatus, hoping he will make good use of them.
Daughters: Ann, Margaret, Eliza, Helen, are bequeathed the salt works.
Exrs: wife, Samuel Postlewaite. [There is a marriage in Adams Co, for a Samuel Postlewaite and Ann Dunbar, 1805]
Estate of Joshua Shelby, Union Co, IN Probate records: Died Intestate

Nov Term 1830, p199: [My abstract]
 Estate of Joshua Shelby, dec'd. The relinquishment of Widows right to Administer on the Estate of said deceased, together with the letters of Administration granted to James Woods and the bond by him filed-28 Sept 1830-Approved.

Estate of Joshua Shelby, deceased [my abstract]

" the November Term of our Court in 1830 the clerk exhibits to the Court the relinquishment of widows right to Administer on the estate of said deceased, together with the letters of Administration granted to James Woods and the bond by him filed also a certificate of oath administered to him on the 28 day of Sept 1830 all of which are examined approved and confirmed by the court and ordered to be recorded, which is now here done and reads in these words and figures - I Susannah Shelby relict of Joshua Shelby dec'd lately of Union County do relinquish all claims or preferances to Adminstration or Countenents in the 26th Chap. 12th sect. of an act entitled an act to engage probate court to be approved Jany 23rd 1829. I therefore sign over all my right of administrations to James Woods -25 Sept 1830 - Susannah Shelby.

28 Sept 1830 Administration of the goods and chattles rights and credits which were of Joshua Shelby late of the county of Union, dec'd who died Intestate, were granted to James Woods of said county.  28 Sept 1830

Probate, May Term 1831-Joshua Shelby-Appraisal of Estate:

1 Muley cow $7.00
1 heifer $3.00
1 Horned cow $5.00
17 sheep and a sheepbell $8.50
19 small hogs $5.70
4 suckling pigs $.25
1 clock $12.00
1 corner cupboard $4.00
Cupboard furniture $1.50
1 chest $1.00
1 trunk $1.25
1 new feather bed, bedding & bedstead $5.62
1 old feather bed & bedding $3.75
1 table $.12
Old carpenter tools $6.25
2 pair of chains, plough & 1 sledgehammer, steel
[?] log chain $5.00
Sheep, ?, & smoothing iron $3.50
Old Iron $.75
1 cutting knife, shovel & sickle $1.50
Spoon mould & plow Irons $.75
3 sugar kettles, 1 pot 1 oven skillet 1 ? skillet $6.00
2 baskets, churn & 2 buckets $1.00
4 chains 1 sieve 1 looking lass $1.37
1 old saddle, 1 wheel, 2 reels & 1 wash tub $1.50
Spools, flax brake [?] 1 1/2 bushel & shatches $1.50
??Rent Coon of about ? $18.00
Geese $1.28
10 hogs $11.95
1 small haystack $1.50
   Total: $121.48

Sale Bill of the personal Estate of Joshua Shelby, deceased sold at public sale on Saturday the 23rd day of October 1830:

Purchasing Names and Discription of Property:
John Dye........1 Augar $.18 3/4
Jesse Etcherson........1 hand saw  $.40
John Shelby.......1 hand saw  $1.37
Evan Shelby.......1 hammer & Draw knife  $.21
Wiley Etcherson......1 axe  $1.03
William Moffett.....1 clever  $.14
William Moffett.....1 Duny? Fork  $.34
James Curtis.....2 Sickles    $.04
John Shelby.....1 draw knife $.68
Evan Shelby......1basket & bowl  $.06
Evan Shelby........2 buckets   $.21
Sarah Gilleland......1 skillet & lid   $.15
Wiley Etcherson......1oven lid  $.42
Joseph Shelby......1 dinner pot  $.71
Rebecca Etcherson......1 pr pot hooks  $.13
Mark Day.......1 large kettle & bowl  $1.82
Evan Shelby.....1 large kettle & bowl  $2.02
William Hatchet.....1 large kettle & bowel[sic]  $3.00
Elijah Young.....1 pr steelyands  $1.14
James K George......1 grindstone  $.33
Jonathan Clevenger......1 plough   $1.04
William Hatchet.....1 large rope  $.62
John Dye.....1 Jug   $.06
Caleb Bush......1 cream jar  $.58
James Woods......2 crocks & bowls  $.08
Calab Bush......1 churn   $.38
Elijah Young......3 split bottom chairs   $.75
Elijah Young.....1 sett of shelf ? dishes  $.40
Elijah Young......Plates, teapot & spoons  $.24
John Reigel.......1 sett of spools  $.09
Johnathan Clevenger.....1 shovel   $.30
Caleb Bush......1 keg  $.07
John Reigel.....Spools   $.28
Caleb Bush.....Keg of Vinegar   $.38
Ashel B Baughner.....3 tin cups   $.22
John Shelby.......1 lamp  $.04
John Kniper......Knives & fork  $.80
Jonathan Clevenger.....Spring wheel  $.1.62
Nathaniel Chapman.....? 3 Beegrunis[sic] &  ?  $.13
Joseph Shelby......1 hand box   $.26
James Woods.......1 lot of flax  $.35
James Woods.......?  $.42
Robert Scott.....1 corner cupboard  $4.14
John Dye.....1 saythe & ?  $1.39
James Woods.....1 bed & bedding  $3.85

Inventory Con't....p181   23 Apr 1831

Susannah Shelby......1 bed & bedding   $1.13
Susannah Shelby......1 trunk   $.12
Jonathan Clevenger.....1 clock   $10.00
Caleb Bush.....1 cow  $10.00
Wiley Etcheson..... ?  $5.50
John Knipes.....1 cow  $10.92
Wiley Etcheson.....4 sheep  1st choice   $3.12
Caleb Young......4 sheep 2nd choice  $3.20
Mark Day......4 sheep 3rd choice $2.50
Elijah Young......4 sheep 4th choice  $2.00
Pleasant Miller......2 hogs 1st choice $4.00
James Curtis.....2 hogs 2nd choice  $4.00
Daniel Dwiggins......2 hogs 3rd choice  $3.90
Daniel Dwiggins......2 4th choice  $3.06
Pleasant Miller.....2 hogs 5th choice  $3.41
Martha Dunlevy.......5 hogs & 1 choice small hog $3.00
Griffin King.......5 hogs 2nd choice  $2.67
Griffin King......5 hogs 2nd choice  $2.00
Thomas Hurst......16 head of Geese  19cents  $3.04
Joseph Shelby......? & gun  $.12 1/2
John Dye.......1 wheat stack  $2.68
Archibald C Hill......1 wheat stack  $2.25
Evan Shelby......1 hay stack  $.50
William Moffett......1 lot of corn  $7.06 1/4
William Moffett.....1 lot of corn  $10.56 1/4
William Moffett.....1 lot of corn  $2.56 1/4
Evan Shelby......1 lot of corn  $.31 1/4
Total....$126.72 ½
New Madrid County, MO Archives:

CKS Coll-Doc's at the MO Hist Soc, Jefferson Mem Building, St Louis MO. These records were examined by Cass K Shelby [CKS] on 30 Oct 1941, who made the following copies, translations and excerpts that are pertinent to the subject:

Vol. IV, No. 764, -see David's will -
Deed of sale by "Catherine bell Vve duft David Shelby---------16 Janyr 1799." Signed "Cathene Bel."  - This signature is run diagonally down the page, the last letter being overlapped with scrawls, evidently an attempt to make the final letter of Bell. On subsequent documents Catherine usually makes only her mark. Since her earlier writing is vigourous and plain and she spells the name fully and correctly, it would seem that by 1799 the lady had become blind or paralyzed. It was and still is the Spanish custom for matrons to use their maiden names along with their married ones, hence our ability in this case to learn what Catherine's maiden name had been. -CKS

Vol. IV, No 810,
A deed in French dated 16 Aug. 1799, and signed, "Catherine (x) Bell, widow Shelby.

Vol VII, No 1234,
"Inventaire Vente et Liquidation des Auccessions des deffunts Sr David Shelby et Dm Catherine Belle son Spouse. 10 May 1802. Finy les 3 Juilet 1804"
(A translation of this title and part of the contents of the entry):
Inventory, Vendue and Settlement of the estates of the Deceased Mr David Shelby and Mrs. Catherine Bell his wife.
10 May 1802; completed 3 Jul 1804.

New Madrid, May 10 1802. We, Don Henry Peyroux de la Coudrenieres, captain in his Majesty's army and civil & military governor of the post and district of New Madrid, having been informed by Messrs. Richard Jones Waters and Joseph Michel of this post that the widowed spouse of Mr David Shelby died at her home on Wednesday, the seventh inst. and that the said gentlemen, being themselves creditors both of the said Lady as well as of the deceased Mr David Shelby, her husband, we have directed as much for their interest as that of the minor children of the said deceased widow Shelby, the taking of an inventory and sale of their property, movable and fixed, hers as well as her deceased husband's and to properly take the inventory of the said estates, we have selected as appraisers Messrs. John Hart and Isadore Skerette, citizens of this post, and for assisting witnesses Don Pierre Antoine LaForge, clerk of this post, and Don Joseph Charpentiers, interpreter of the English language. both of whom, having accepted and promised to perform their duties....all sign...

(Report of the Appraisers, translated-CKS)
Following the above mentioned instructions, we went from the town of New Madrid to the dwelling where the widowed Mrs. Shelby died, distant from the town about a league and a half (4 3/4 miles) with the gentlemen appraisers, assisting witnesses and Mr Richard Jones Waters, creditor, and having arrived there we met Mr James Ferris, being in the same house, who told us that he was the son of the first marriage of the deceaseed widow Shelby, who name had been Catherine Bell and was formerly the widow of Mr James Ferris by whom she had three living children, the first boy named John, aged in the neighborhood of thirty, and the second named Humphrey, aged twenty-seven, both in the United States of America, and the third, James Ferris, aged twenty-five and living here in New Madrid.
Also, she was secondly the widow of Mr David Shelby, by whom she had three children, the first named Rees, aged about eighteen, the second called Elie, aged around fifteen, and the third, a daughter named Mary, aged ten, and besides these Shelby had by his first marriage with Elizabeth Bala two living children, who are James Shelby, aged twenty-nine and dwelling in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America, and Elizabeth Shelby, aged about twenty-four and now wife of James Burns, living in the Bois Brule district of New Bourbon of the province of Louisiana and having requested the said Mr James Ferris to show us the property of the estate of the deceased widow Shelby for purposes of inventory and estimate, he did so ..followed by the inventory of property  [CKS did not include it]

(With the above instructions and report are several other papers, all in English and reproduced below. The first one is the original will of David Shelby, which for some unknown reason is not entered in any of the present set of will books of the county -CBS):

"In the name of God Amen, I David Shelby of New Madrid, being Sick and weak of body but of Sound mind...."
"Imprimies: I give and bequeath to my Daughter Betsey, one cow and one Hundred Dollars to her Executors & assigns, this to be independent & beside her Bed, Trunk, Chest & Cloathing which she has in possession"
"Item: I give and devise unto my son James Shelby of Green Conty all the Real or Landed Estate which I have remaining unconveyed within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, particularly that plantation on which he lives being part of the two tracts of Land the one called Cross Keys and the other Validolid to him and his Heirs and assigns for ever."
"Item: I give and bequeath unto my wife Catherine Shelby one third part of the residue of my Personal Estate after payments of my just Debts & the above hundred Dollars to her during her Natural Life or Widowhood & at her Death or marriage to my Daughter Mary to her my siad Daughter her Executors & Adminstrators. Also to my said wife for her natural life or widow-hood the Use of my House in which I now Live and the use of one third part of my Lands adjoining the other lands
which I have in this County for her support & maintainance during her widow-hood as aforesaid."
"Item: I give and bequeath and Devise unto my sons Rees Shelby and Elie Shelby all the rest and Residue of my Estate, Real, Personal or mixed, particularly the Land on which I live and my other Lands in this Province and the visible Property whereof I am here possessed and what is due and owing to me from the Estate of my late Son Jonathan Shelby and from Divers Persons here and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania equally between them to be Divided Share & Share alike their Executors, Administrators, Heirs and assigns for Ever."
"Lastly I constitute and appoint my friend Major John McFarland of Fayette County & Commonwealth of Pennsylvania my Sole Executor within the said Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and I constitue and appoint my Friend Richard Jones Waters, my Sole Executor within this Province of this my Last Will & Testament and in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal in the Presence of the Subscribing Witnesses, who in my Presence and in the Presence of Each other .Jany 8th 1799."
David signs
Witnesses: Thomas Crispin, Tudor Skerrett, R. J. Waters
  [CBS footnotes-John McFarland, was David's nephew, son of his sister Rachel.  While other signatures of David Shelby that have come to light are distinct and vigorous, the one on this paper is hardly legible, showing him to have been very feeble at the time; also, since a deed made by his wife Catherine eight days later (IV, 764 above) mentions her as a widow, it is evident that David's will was drawn up on his deathbed. In fact, he may have died the day he signed it]

10 May 1802 New Madrid Co MO-Inv, Vendue & Settlement of the estates of the Dec'd Mr David Shelby & Mrs Catherine Bell his wife.....Statement by James Faris (Ferris) - ....2 living ch by David's 1st marr to Elizabeth Bala (sic) James Shelby age abt 29 & Elizabeth age abt 24, wife of James Burns....

New Madrid Novr 20th 1802- I James Burns the husband of Elizabeth Shelby the Daughter of David Shelby deceased; do nominate and appoint Richard Jones Waters my legal attorney for me and in my behalf and of my wife to send for, Recover and possess quittance of all what may be due my siad wife, under the will of the said deceased and in particular to scrutinize and Inspect all which accounts and claims that may be presented as well agt the Estate of the said David as against the late
Catherine the widow of said David whose Estate has lately been sold according to Law - in fine to do all such acts and Deeds as may be proper in the premesis in as full and complete a manner as I could were I personally present In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand date above... signed  Marque + de  James Burns.

New Madrid Co, MO, Deed Book 16, page 286:
Apr 23, 1839. James Shelby of the county of Greene, state of Pennsylvania, to Reuben Shelby of the county of Perry, state of Missouri. "The said James Shelby half brother of Reese Shelby deceased formerly of New Madrid, Missouri, who died leaving four half brothers one half sister and one brother his only heir their names as follows: to wit: the aforesaid James Shelby, James Faris, John Farris, Humphrey Farris, Elizabeth Shelby late Elizabeth Burns deceased and Eli Shelby the six being the only heirs as aforesaid of the said Reese Shelby deceased who formerly lived in the county of New Madrid in the State of Missouri and owned land there by deed of purchase of one Henry Masters____which lands were injured by Earthquake in the year 1812, for which injury by virtue of the law of the United States passed in the year 1815 for the benefit of those who suffered by Earthquake, a certificate of new location was granted in the name of Henry Masters by Frederick Bates the Recorder of land titles for Territory of Missouri, No.206, etc, etc. Said James Shelby now conveys to the said Reuben Shelby 106-2/3 acres of land. Sig, James Shelby.
Witnesses, Richd Harrison, Nancy Harrison.
Ack. Apr 26, 1839 in Greene Co, PA. Recorded in New Madrid Co, MO, 12 Feb 1894.
Elizabeth Warford, Whole and Sole Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Joseph Warford Late of Bethel Township, Bedford County and province of Pennsylvania, Deceased.
10 Jun 1775 - Appoint my Trusty and Well Beloved Friend Evan Shelby of Fincastle County and Coloney of Virginia for me and in my place, to ask Demand, Sue for Recover and ? from William Sonther(?)...certain tract or parcell of land called Rangers adventures....several words unreadable....situate and lying and being in Bethel Township Bedford county and province aforsaid. which my said Husband Joseph Warford in his life time purchased of the said Evan Shelby...
and said William Sonther(?) as heir at large(?) to his Father James Sonther(?)...set my hand and seal 10th day of June 1775... ["The Shelby Family" papers]

Will of William L. H. Shelby, son of John Shelby and Sarah McCauley
[my abstract-left out the 'wordy' parts]

12 Dec 1890 - Last Will and Testament of William L. H. Shelby, deceased, Probate court of Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH.
William L. H. Shelby, late of Dayton Township in this County, deceased....the said application will be for hearing before this Court on the 13th day of December, 1819 at 2:00 P.M.
W. L. McKemy, Probate Judge

...on the 13th day of December 1890, the findings and orders of this court relative to the last Will and Testament of William L. H. Shelby, deceased, were entered on the Journal in words and figures following, to-wit...
...this 12th day of December 1890...Will produced in open court and then filed...W. D. McKemy, Probate Judge.

I, William L. H. Shelby of the city of Dayton, County of Montgomery, State of Ohio do make and publish this my last Will and testament.
FIRST: just debts and all proper charges against my estate be paid out of my estate.
SECOND: having entire confidence in my beloved wife, Mary F Shelby and believing that in the event she survives me, she will make just and equitable distribution of our property between our children. I do hereby give and devise all the residue of my estate, real and personal, to her forever.
THIRD: I appoint and make my said wife Executor of this my last Will and Testament and direct that Bond be required of her as such Executrix.
IN TESTIMONY hereof, I have set my hand and seal this 13th day of November, 1882.
 - William signs -13 Nov 1882 - Wit: Charles A Craighead and William Craighead
Will of George Shelby, son of Patrick Shelby --Adams Co, Ohio, Franklin Twp. 13 Jun 1859

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I George Shelby of the County of adams, state of Ohio, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.
I give and devise to my beloved wife, in lieu of her dower, the farm upon which we now live, situated in the Township of Franklin, County and State aforesaid, containing about forty acres and lying south of the Marble Furnace road, and all the stock, husehold goods and furniture, provisions and other goods and chattels, which may be thereon at the time of my decease, together eith all monies and credits in my possession or due me. And also forty three acres of land lying in Meigs Township, bought from A. R. Burns, adjoining John Spurgeon on the Northwest, enjoining it upon my said wife, to pay all my just debts, and to educate and bring up in as comfortable and respectable manner as her circumstances will admit, my minor children.
I desire that no appraisement and no sale of my personal property be made and that the Court of Probate direct the omission of the same in pursuance of the statute. I do hereby revoke all former Wills by me made...13 June 1859..signed George Shelby. Wit: W. H. Shelby, Francis F. King.

W. H. Shelby and Francis F. King, whose names appear as subscribing witnesses ...Last Will and Testament of George Shelby deceased, late of Adams County, Ohio..both sign... 28 Jan 1860; John M. Smith, Probate Judge

Bet it remembered, that at a Court of Probate holden at the Court House within and for the County of Adams and State of Ohio, in the town of West Union, on 28 January 1860..
  [This George was born 1805, married this County on 29 Jan 1824, to Grizzella Milligan Gustin, by Moses Hutchens.]

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