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     Hi, My mom has nick named me "lump." This is probably because I came into the world three weeks early and all I feel like doing is sleeping. I will sometimes wake up and eat (or take some sips as mom says). I do like to wake up right after I think my parents are going to sleep. I do it best with my dad . When I see his eyes close, I wait a few minutes then start crying. I learn all kinds of new words when that happens. Soon my dad will show me how to add my own pictures. So, when I find time between napping I will start working on it.
Well, on 4-21-02 I have perfected the skill of waking up when dad and mom decide to lay down for sleep. I like crying then seeing how fast I get attention.

    If you want to check out the cool place I was born, then go to Sid Peterson Hospital and take a look. Dad stayed there while mom was trying to get me out of her. Dad said he had a chair that folded out to a little bed. He said it helped that it was in the room. Mom says dad can sleep anywhere, so, it wouldn't matter if there is a bed or not.

    4-22-02--  I am now 6 days  old. I'm getting real good at waking up after my parents go to sleep.  My dad has been trying to get tricky by staying up until  2 am .  So, that makes me wait longer before waking them up.  That makes it hard on my little body.  I have to make up for it by sleeping most of the day.  I think mom tries to get back at me then.  She keeps waking me up every couple of hours saying I have to eat.  I wonder about her intentions.  She says it is for me, but I've heard her say it helps her relieve the pressure on her milk wagon.  I've wondered why my dad doesn't feed me.  He explained it saying that is ONE of the reasons "moms" are special, they are the ones that have the resources to feed us.  Mom has two feeding wagons and I have my favorite side.  Mom doesn't understand this and keeps trying to make me drink from the other side. (Dads note:  This is a G rated site, so we won't go into details.)  

   Oh, I forgot to mention.  After I was born Grandma brought a camera.  Dad took lots of pictures.  That flash was hurting my eyes (yes, even when they were closed.)      Grandma took the film to get developed.  I should get some pictures of me soon to post.     

    My sister Allison has really helped our parents take care of me.  She helps dad get the wipes and tries to keep me busy while I'm getting changed.  That is not an easy task.  You get your potunkis wiped with cold wipes and see how much you want to scream and cry.  She also likes to hold me and is getting good at it.  She will sit on the couch and hold me just right by making sure my head is supported.  Sometimes she will just sit next to me and let me hold her finger.

I want to play football

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