1716     Wales       Tregaron       Cardiganshire
9 Nov    Evan SHELBY marries Catherine MORGAN [hereafter E&C]
       Source: Letter from Lib of Wales, 26 Mawrth[sic] 1985 in
         response to a letter from Mrs [Johnnie M] Johnson-..."I am able
         to confirm that Evan Shelby and Catherine Morgan were married
         this date"...Our Shelbys
         [Note- The Vicar of St Caron's Church gives date as Oct/Nov 1716]
          2003-Thanks to Ron Shelby, I now have a copy of the original
          marriage record-gives her name as Catherina.]

1720     Wales       Tregaron       Cardiganshire
23 Oct   E&C son Evan Jr is Chr
        Source: Letter from Lib of Wales, 9 Jan 1978 in response to
         letter from a Miss Wiley-..."copies from the Tregaron parish
         register "1720, 10 bris 23, Evanus fil. Evani Shelby, bapt.fuit.
         Please note that I have carefully checked the date, and that
         it is 1720, not 1719"]
         [Note- The Vicar of St Caron's Church gives the year as 1719,
          which is the date all the researchers have used, including
          Cass Knight Shelby-CKS]
          Evan's tombstone shows he was 74 when he died 1794, which
          confirms the 1720 date]

1731     Wales       Tregaron           Cardiganshire
26 Jun   Evan Sr's father, Phillip S(H)ELBY dies
       Source: Tregaron parish registers- DEBRETT's

1730's   Evan and his family sail for America.
         Although the official language of Wales is English, the Welsh
         people have retained their ancient Celtic language. Thus Evan
         probably spoke both languages & would have had little problem
         getting along in his new homeland.

Note-There are no records of departures from England and Wales until 1890.

1735     PA       Lancaster (now Franklin) Co    "Black Walnut Point"
4 Jul    Evan SHELBY granted a lic for 300a on Potomac Rd, betw Neild's
         FFRIEND [sic] & Edward NICHOLS.
       Source: State Land Office (Dept of Internal Affairs) in the
         Capitol, Harrisburg PA. "Blunston License Book"-a rec of lic
         granted to Sundry persons to settle & take up land on the west
         side of Susquehanah River.
         [Note-This was at the junction of Muddy Run with the
          Conococheague Cr slightly north of the bridge over the
          Conococheague a short distance west of the Greencastle Cem.
          This farm later recvd much publicity in the 1840's when it
          became the site of the Mormon Colony]
        Source: History of the Little Cove, from the Foreman Series,
          by Harry E Foreman of Chambersburg PA p160 [He d 1983]

1739     MD       Prince George's Co     Deed
16 Jun   Cert issued by Peter DENT deputy-to Evan SHELBY for a 50a tract
         called "Hunts Cabin" on Licking Cr in that part of the shire
         which has since become the Indian Spring Dist of Wash. Co MD
       Source: Land Comm's Office, Annapolis MD-Envelope #1130. The
         pat. entry is in liber BY & GS#1, folio 602

1739     MD       Prince George's Co    Warrant
6 Aug    Evan SHELBY granted 200a bearing date 7 Jun 1739 called the
         "Rich Lands" standing near Harris's Waggon Rd on the South &
         East side of Connegochego Cr abt 1 1/2 miles from said Cr...
         Surveyed this 9 day of Jun 1739. Patent issued same day
       Source: Land Office rec's, Annapolis MD-Copied by Cass Knight
         Shelby [CKS] 22 Sept 1926-CKS Coll, Filson Club Library
         Louisville KY.

1739     MD       Prince George's Co    Warrant
7 Aug    Evan SHELBYs Patent for 1000a "Maidens Choice", at the mouth
         of Little Connogocheige [sic] Cr where on a certain Daniel
         ROSE now lives including the Stony Lake & Flaggy Meadow....
         Surveyed this 4th day of Aug 1739. Pat. issued same day
       Source: MD Land Comm's Office, Hall of Rec's Annapolis, Liber
         E1&2, folio 858 [CKS]
         [Note-"Black Walnut Point" & Maiden's Choice" were in the same
          valley, just 9 miles apart]

1744     MD       Prince Georges Co    "Flaggy Meadows"
29 Aug   Evan SHELBY, Sr of Pr Geo Co, to Evan SHELBY, Jr, of same Co...
         natural love & affection for the better maintenance, livelihood
         & preferment of him, the said Evan Jr. (Liber BB, fols.178.9)
       Source: CKS Coll-Letters from Samuel Mackey Wilson, Lexington
         KY to CKS, 12 Oct 1925  [Evan Jr may have married about this time]

1745     MD       Prince George's Co
26 Feb   Evan Sr, farmer, sells to Evan Jr both of this shire 54a of
        "Maiden's Choice"...Wit-Rees SHELBY; Abraham ALEXANDER
       Source: MD Hall of Rec's-Liber BB, Folio 407

1745     MD       Prince Georges Co    "Flaggy Meadows"
15 Aug   "....Evan SHELBY, Jr & Letitia, his wife, convey to Hans Ulrich
         WAGNER a tract called "Flaggy Meadows", containing 300a, being
         part of a tract called "Maidens Choice" formerly taken up by
         Evan SHELBY, Sr
       Source: Liber BB, fols.370

1746     MD       Prince Georges Co
6 Feb    Indenture-Betw Evan SHELBY & Rees SHELBY both of this Co...
         Evan sells land to Rees, called part of the "Addition to
         "Maidens Choice" presence of Abram ALEXANDER & Evan
         SHELBY Jr. On the back of the deed was written 26 Feb 1745[sic]
         then came the within mentioned Evan SHELBY & Cathern his wife..
       Source: Hall of Rec's, Annapolis MD, Pr Geo Co rec BK BB p413-15

1746     MD       Prince Georges Co
10 Sept  "Maidens Choice" patent unto Evan Shelby Sr 6 Aug 1739, 1000a who
         since sold 54a unto Evan Shelby Jr by deed. Resurvey for Evan Shelby
         Jr amounting to 45a. Filed 1 Feb 1746.
       Source: Dr CARROLLs grant of 10 Apr 1750

1748     MD       Prince Georges Co
20 Jun   At the request of Evan SHELBY Sr the following Supersedeas was
         rec'd 29th day 1748
         20 Jun-You Evan SHELVE [sic] Sr, Evan SHELVE Jr & Moses SHELVE
         confess judgement to James WARDRUPT for two pounds five
         shillings which was recorded by the said James against Evan
         SHELVE Sr [this date]..
       Source: MD Hall of Rec's-Liber EE folio 461
         [Note- Supersedeas-The name of a writ containing a command to
          stay the proceedings at law- Blacks Law Dict]

1748     Frederick Co MD formed from Prince Georges Co

1748     MD   Prince Georges Co
5 Oct    Evan Shelby Sr & Jr offer for sale "Maiden's Joys"[sic]
       Source: Maryland Gazette Newspaper

1748     MD       Frederick Co
25 Oct   Dr Charles CARROLL given special warrant to land he named
         "Shelby's Misfortune"....Surveyed 24 Apr 1749
         Patented to CARROLL 10 Apr 1750
       Source: MD Hall of Rec's

1750     MD       Frederick Co             Court Records
3 Jul    Debt due from Evan SHELBY to George MASON & The Ohio
         Company for 4 pounds 15 shillings
       Source: The Ohio Company by Alfred James p72. Frederick Co
         Dockets, Mar 1754, folios 7-27 Hall of Rec's, Annapolis...
         [Note-Mar 1754-His Adm's are sued for this debt]

1751     MD       Frederick Co    "Maidens Choice"      Adm Bond
         Evan Sr dies by this time.
         The admins bond, George DALRUMPLE and Moses SHELBY of Frederick
         Co, sureties, entered Testamentary Proceedings, 1751-2,
         (Book No.35), page 64, Hall of Rec's, Annapolis [among the
         Frederick County returns] in sum of two pounds Sterling dated
         19th Day of July 1750
       Source: CKS-"The year given is obviously a clerical error &
         should read 1751

1751     MD       Frederick Co    "Maidens Choice"      Adm Bond
18 Jul   Maryland ss    Charles, Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the
         Province of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore, &c,
         To Catherine Shelby & Evan Shelby Greeting. Whereas Evan Shelby
         died Intestate, as it is said, We do therefore give and grant
         unto the said Catherine Shelby and Evan Shelby full power and
         Authority to Administer all and singular of the Goods,
         Chattels, and Credits, of the said Deceased:    and to exhibit
         both into our Office for Probate of Wills, &c. Lawfully
         authorized; touching which Inventory you are presently assigned
         to perform, or at farthest at or before the 15th Day of October
         now next ensuing; and an Account within Twelve Months from the
         Date of these Presents. And lastly, We do hereby constitute and
         appoint you the said Catherine Shelby & Evan Shelby
         Administrators of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, and
         Credits of the said Deceased.  Given at Frederick County this
         18 Day of July in the 37th Year of our Dominion, &c.
         Annoque Domini 1751
       Source: Frederick Co MD, Letter of Administration
         [Note-CKS stated these came from the original found among Gov
          SHELBYs papers, but they are not on the microfilmed copies.]

1751     ibid                      Vendue or Sale of property
6 Sept   "The Condition of this vendue, to be held this 6th day of
         Sept, 1751 at the dwelling house of Evan SHELBY of Frederick
         County lately deceased is as follows".  First who ever buyeth
         the value of twenty-shillings and upwards shall have nine
         months credit, and who ever buyeth under the value of twenty
         shillings shall pay before he or they shall remove any
         particulars and the highest bidder shall be the buyer after
         three distinct cryings. The Administrators reserve one bidding
         for themselves at every particular and in case anyone should
         return back the goods to the damage or hinderance of sale shall
         pay two shillings per pound to the said Administrators, and
         everyone shall give sufficient security"  Signed Evan SHELBY Jr
       Source: Evan and Catherine Shelby and their Descendants, Three
         Generations-CKS, 1947-Appendix p173; [unpubl Mss, KY Hist Soc.
         Frankfort, KY
         [Note-CKS gives abstract- Full copy as shown, was taken from
          the rec's in the Carolina Room, Public Lib, Charlotte NC-"The
          Petteway Papers"  Mrs Pettaway had corresponded with CKS]

1751     ibid
26 Oct   Catherine SHELBY execa & Evan SHELBY execr of Evan SHELBY
         late of Frederick County Decead being duly sworn on the Holy
         Evangels of Almighty God depose and say that the within is a
         just and true Inventory of all and singular the Goods &
         chattels which were of the deceased at the making thereof
         Sworn before John DARNALL, Dept Comy of Fredk County.
       Source: Inventories 151-2 #48 T.A.S. page 333

1752     [Not given]
9 May    This Day recd of Cateron SHELBY ten Bushels of wheat in lieu
         of one pound ten shillings of an account against her as
         execetage[sic] of Even[sic] SHELBY Senior
         Recd by me Nathl ALEXANDER
       Source: "Shelby Fam Papers"

1752     MD
20 Aug   Received of Evan SHELBY as Executor of Evan SHELBY Deceased the
         sum of five pounds  & ten pence current money of Maryland in
         lieu of four hundred and eighty pounds of tobaco and two
         shillings and six pence cost of hay  Received by me Thomas CRESAP
       Source: ibid

1752     MD       Frederick Co
24 Nov   A suit against Evan SHELBY for 3lbs Maryland money [by the Ohio
       Source: Frederick Co Judgment Rec G, 1752-53, folios 713-15.
       The Ohio Company, p73

1753     MD       Washington Co
Sept     Evan Jr's wife, Letitia, finally got fed up with the on going
         feud over "Shelby's Misfortune", for she was accused of having
         her Dutch Servant cut down the beginning tree of this tract,
         & burning it.
       Source: Account and Letters Book of Dr Charles CARROLL, Vol 26
         pp 192-93

1754     MD       Frederick Co
19 Mar   George MASON & The Ohio Company, sue Catherine & Evan SHELBY
         [Jr], Adm's of Evan SHELBY on a debt of 4 lbs 15 shillings-
         Due since 3 Jul 1750 against Isaac BAKER & Evan SHELBY.
       Source: Frederick Co, Judgement Rec H, 1754-59, Folios 324-26.
       The Ohio Company, by Alfred James [see 3 Jul 1750] p102
         [Note- So far, this is last item found concerning Catherine]

1764     MD       Frederick Co    "Resurvey on the Mountain of Wales"
17 Dec   Indenture betw Evan SHELBY [Jr] & Andrew BLAIR both of this Co
         Evan sells to Andrew for five pounds current money of MD
         All that tract of land called "Mountain of Wales" containing
         200a, it being the original, as also the quantity of 316a,
         being part of a tract of land called the Resurvey on the
         Mountain of Wales, beginning for the whole at the original
         Beginning of the Resurvey of the Mtn of Wales...
           Evan signs    Wit-Peter BAINBRIDGE, Joseph SMITH
         Letitia, wife of sd Evan SHELBY acknowledged freely [etc]
         Recd 8 Jan 1765
       Source: ibid p994
         [Note- Hoberta mentioned having a little booklet concerning the
          Mason-Dixon line (BLAIR home being a few feet North of it)
          It mentions James & John BLAIR {sons of Andrew, most likely}
          as being axe men in Aug 1767; Andrew BLAIR furnished supplies.
          Evan SHELBY is also mentioned.]


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