The family of Judith Ann Presser



1.  Judith Ann PRESSER.
       Still have not found a reliable lineage for our PRESSERs...We continue to have the good fortune of adding descendents....
But where did they come from, and why can't we find them???


2.  Burt James PRESSER

3.  Betty Lou WALL.

Burt James PRESSER and Betty Lou WALL had the following children:

    i. John Anthony PRESSER.
1 ii. Judith Ann PRESSER.
  iii. Laurence  "Larry" Edward PRESSER.


4.  Edward Eli PRESSER.

5.  Celeste Vivian BURT.  Edward Eli PRESSER and Celeste Vivian BURT had the following children:

     i. Ernest Howell PRESSER.
    ii. Gayle Edward PRESSER.
   iii. Jaunita Rose PRESSER.
2 iv. Burt James PRESSER.
   v. Clinta Kathleen PRESSER.
   vi. Kermit PRESSER.
  vii. Paul Bryan PRESSER.
 viii. Edward Eli PRESSER Jr.
  ix. William Henry PRESSER.
   x. Robert Lee PRESSER.
  xi. Harrell Leroy PRESSER.
 xii. Joseph Lyle PRESSER.

6.  John (Jack) Aloysious WALL  was born on 20 May 1889 in Humbolt Twp, Coles Co, IL.  He was married to Ina Aurelia SMITH.

7.  Ina Aurelia SMITH was born on 5 Dec 1894 in Fairland, IL.  John (Jack) Aloysious WALL and Ina Aurelia SMITH had the following children:

     3 i. Betty Lou WALL.


8.  William Henry PRESSER was born on 7 Jan 1848 in Clark Co, IL.  Pension for William states he had a sister Caroline who married Mitch OGLE
of Licking, Texas Co, MO, sister Drucilla married James Johnson  He was married to Louisa Ellen PRIDDY on 19 Jan 1877 in Texas Co, MO.

9.  Louisa Ellen PRIDDY was born in Jan 1862 in MO.  Declaration for Widow's Pension, Johnson Co, AR, 7 Mar 1906. [gives m. date] Louisa is 45.
Married near Houston, TX Co, MO.
William H enrolled Alton, IL, Priv. Co F of 144th Reg. IL Infantry on 3 Oct 1864, age 18, farmer. Had blue eyes, light hair and complexion.
HT. 5' 9". Mustard out 14 Jul 1865, Springfield, IL.  William Henry PRESSER and Louisa Ellen PRIDDY had the following children:

     4 i. Edward Eli PRESSER.
       ii. Lewis Washington PRESSER was born in Apr 1878 in Texas Co, MO.
      iii. Nancy Ellen PRESSER was born in Aug 1881 in MO.  She died.  Died young
      iv. John William PRESSER was born in Mar 1883 in MO.
       v. Ida S PRESSER was born in Mar 1887 in MO.
      vi. Napoleon Boneparte PRESSER was born on 21 Apr 1889 in MO.  Married and had one son
     vii. Paul PRESSER was born on 5 Mar 1892 in Licking, Texas Co, MO.
    viii. Flora G PRESSER was born on 27 May 1897 in Licking, Texas Co, MO.

10.  Joseph Lewis BURT was born on 10 Apr 1849 in GA.  He's J. L., aged 1 year born IL, on 1850 census with parents.
I know he was born in GA, so don't know why they are all listed as being born in IL..This census needs to be rechecked and it
might not hurt to do some searching in IL around 1840s..  Grandma Presser's photo album- contains a tintype, in excellent condition,
of Joseph, but no date
Photo- 1914 in Clarksville, AR- photo of all the family..which is where I found most of the names I didn't have..  He was married to
Mary Kathleen WOLF(E) about 1867.

11.  Mary Kathleen WOLF(E) was born on 3 Feb 1850 in (now) Logan Co, AR.  Logan did not become a county until 1871  She died.
Mary Kathleen's death certificate gives parents names as Johnson Wolf and Malinda Poffers. The informent was Mary's daughter Clara..
A bit of a puzzle over the confusion in names and dates.  Joseph Lewis BURT and Mary Kathleen WOLF(E) had the following children:

      i. Robert Lee BURT was born on 26 Jan 1869 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.
     ii. Joseph Oliver BURT was born on 30 Jul 1872 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.
    iii. John Spear BURT was born on 15 Jan 1875 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.  He died on 4 Jul 1879 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.
    iv. Lucy Willie BURT was born on 29 Mar 1877 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.  Family record; tintype photo, family called her Willie ...
        she's aged 4 on 1880 census with parents
     v. Norma Rose BURT was born on 10 May 1881 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.
    vi. Frances Letrobe "Trobie" BURT was born on 4 Oct 1883 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.
   vii. Charles Voyette BURT was born on 19 Apr 1886 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.
5 viii. Celeste Vivian BURT.
    ix. Clara Villa BURT was born on 23 May 1890 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.

12.  John P WALL Jr was born on 22 Feb 1856 in Charleston, Coles Co, IL.  He was married to Mary Ann FERRIS on 17 Jul 1882 in
Charleston, Humbolt Twp, Coles Co, IL.

13.  Mary Ann FERRIS was born on 8 Feb 1864 in Cincinatti, OH.  Death cert. for Mary says she was born in Cincinatti. Birth cert for son,
"Jack", gives her birth place as Indiana.

  John P WALL Jr and Mary Ann FERRIS had the following children:

     i. Mary Margaret WALL was born about 1884 in Charleston, Coles Co, IL.
    ii. Nelle WALL was born on 6 Aug 1887 in Humbolt Twp, Coles Co, IL.
   iii. Joseph Daniel WALL was born about 1893 in Coles Co, IL.
   iv. Ester WALL was born on 3 Aug 1895 in Charleston, Coles Co, IL.
   v. Elizabeth 'Busy' WALL was born in 1899 in Charleston, Coles Co, IL.

 6 vi. John (Jack) Aloysious WALL.

14.  Mervin Adolphus SMITH was born on 28 May 1867 in Douglas Co, IL.  He was married to Sarah Amanda BATES in , Douglas Co, IL.

15.  Sarah Amanda BATES  was born on 18 Nov 1870 in Charleston, Coles Co, IL.  Mervin Adolphus SMITH and Sarah Amanda BATES
had the following children:

     7 i. Rena
       ii. Bess
      iii. Ina Aurelia SMITH.
      iv. Paul


16.  George Washington PRESSER was born about 1816 in KY?.  He died Betw 1868 & 1870 in Prob, near Licking, TX Co, MO.
Adjutant Generals Office, Jefferson City, MO 1981- No Civil War record for George W either Union or Confederate..  He was married
to Nancy SHIPP on 2 Mar 1847 in Clark Co, IL.  The 1900 census show they had  9 of 13 children were living

17.  Nancy SHIPP was born in Apr 1868 in KY/IL.  She died after 1900 in Texas Co, MO.  She's HH 1900, TX Co, MO- 13 children, 9 living.
George Washington PRESSER and Nancy SHIPP had the following children:

 8     i. William Henry PRESSER.
        ii. Margaret G PRESSER was born about 1849 in Prob, Clark Co, IL.  She's age 11 on the census for 1860 TX Co, MO
       iii. Lucinda Shefronia PRESSER was born on 18 Sep 1853 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN.  Family called her Shefronia
       iv. Lydia PRESSER was born about 1856 in Poss, Texas Co, MO.
        v. Rachel Drucilla PRESSER was born on 10 May 1858 in Prob, Texas Co, MO.  Family called her Drucilla
       vi. David Holbert PRESSER was born on 3 Apr 1861 in Licking, Texas Co, MO.  Family called him David
      vii. Nancy PRESSER was born about 1863 in Texas Co, MO.
     viii. Mary Elizabeth PRESSER was born about 1865 in Texas Co, MO.  Family called her Elizabeth
       ix. John Bell PRESSER was born about 1867 in Texas Co, MO.
        x. Sarah Francis PRESSER was born in Apr 1868 in Texas Co, MO.  She's age 3 on census for 1870 Texas Co, MO

18.  Lewis Clark PRIDDY.  He was married to Ellen DAVIS Mrs about 1850 in TN?.

19.  Ellen DAVIS Mrs.  Lewis Clark PRIDDY and Ellen DAVIS Mrs had the following children:

     9 i. Louisa Ellen PRIDDY.

20.  Oliver Singleton BURT was born about 1808 in GA.  Oliver is aged betw 20-30 on the 1830 census Habersham Co, GA,
wife is aged betw 15 and 20. With a son under age 5

1860 census Spadra Twp, Johnson Co, AR- Oliver S is aged 52 b GA, with wife and children. He's a farmer

  He died before 1870 in prob, Johnson Co, AR.  He and wife are not on the 1870 census  He was married to Frances --?-- about 1835 in GA?.
This family still needs a lot of research.. The 1850 census for Habersham Co, 9th Dist, 37th Div., show wife Fanny and children as all being
born in IL. and only initials were used for the children. He's shown as Oliver S Burt aged 44 GA

21.  Frances --?-- was born about 1816 in SC.  She's Fanny aged 34 b IL, on the 1850 census for Habersham Co, GA
She's Frances age 43 SC, on the 1860 census for Johnson Co, AR  She died before 1870 in prob, Johnson Co, AR.  She and her husband
may have both died before 1870 as I haven't found them on the census and 2 of their sons are living with their older brother Singleton, on
1870 census  Oliver Singleton BURT and Frances --?-- had the following children:

      i. F.M. BURT was born about 1836 in prob, Habersham Co, GA.  He's aged 14 on 1850 Habersham Co, GA cen. He's not on the 1860 census
     ii. Singleton S BURT was born about 1838 in Habersham Co, GA.  He's shown as S.S. aged 12 b IL, on 1850 census for Habersham Co, GA
        He's age 22 b GA 1860 census, Spadra Twp, Johnson Co, AR. His first name may be Thomas.
        Grandpa Presser's photo album- There is a tintype of a Tom Burt, next to the tintypes of Moses, John, and their parents. Tom is said to have
        lived in Paris,  Johnson Co, AR Could the full name be Thomas Singleton Burt??
        He was buried in 1883 in Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.  buried in the Oakland Cemetery, a farmer, served in the CW as a Confederate
        He died after 1883 in    Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR.  Singleton's brother's, Moses A, age 17, and John M aged 15, are living with him,
        so both parents may have died.
    iii. Clarasie J BURT was born about 1842 in GA.  She's C.J., aged 10 on 1850 census with parents. She's aged 18 on 1860 census

   Family record gives her name as Claire, lived in Tuson, AZ and died in Clarksville, AR
      iv. Jacob BURT was born about 1846 in GA.  He's J. F. or L, aged 6 on 1850 census with parents He's age 14 on 1860 census
 10 v. Joseph Lewis BURT.
     vi. W. H. BURT was born about 1852 in prob, Habersham Co, GA.  He's W. A or H, aged 8 b IL on 1850 census with parents.
          He may have died young, as I find no other mention of him.
    vii. Mose A BURT was born about 1854 in Johnson Co, AR.  He's aged 6 on 1860 census and aged 17 in the HH of brother Singleton in
         1870  Grandma Presser's photo albums all disappeared after her death. Fortunately on a visit with her some years earlier, I had gone
         thru the albums and copied all the available information on the photo's..This was how I discovered the names of her aunts and uncles...

   There was a tintype photo, in excellent condition, of Mose Burt, but no date
  viii. John M BURT was born about 1856 in Johnson Co, AR.  He's aged 4 on 1860 census and aged 15 with brother Singleton in 1870 census

   Grandma Presser's photo album- There is a tintype, in excellent condition, of John, but no date.

22.  Marion Charles WOLF(E) was born on 11 Jun 1827 in (now) Franklin Co, AR.  His name may be Marion Charles instead of William,
as his only son was named Marion Charles Jr. The 1850 census also indicates that Kathleen was the oldest.
Wrote to my grandmother [Vivian] in July 1981, asking information on the family, but did not respond. She stated in a 1970 letter that her
mothers sister (Dora Harris) that lived in Ft Smith AR, had a record of relatives away back and when she Dora died she left it to an only
grandson (name not mentioned]...

So much of the information given in the family records has been wrong, makes me wonder where it came from..Someone writing down
information from a faulty memory?  He died before 1860 in AR.  He was married to Malinda POPHAM about 1849 in AR.
1850 census for Franklin Co, AR...He's Marion, age 22, farmer, born AR; Malinda is 20, born MO. dau Cathlene[sic] is 4 months old,
born AR. In HH is Marion's  brother Jefferson Wolf, 21, laborer, born AR; and a L. Potter 16, laborer, born MO.

Have not been able to find the parents- But in the LDS records in 1984 [which gives no documention] is the following, which I have placed here
as I don't know how accurate it is.

Charles Wolf born about 1800, married Polly Ann Wood(s).
1. George Washington Wolf born 25 Jun 1825 Izard Co, AR; married Elizia Jane Coffield
2. William Marian Wolf born 1828 Franklin Co AR [sic]; married Malinda Poppin
3. Michael Jefferson Wolf born 1829 Franklin Co [sic]; married  29 Nov 1855 AR, to Sarah Ann Larose
 [My note-Franklin was not a county until 1837, formed from Crawford Co, AR]

1870 Census for Franklin Co, Lower Twp, AR:
 Geo W Wolf
1. Charles
2. William David
3. Amanda
4. Alfred Gresham born Apr 1860 [now] Logan Co, AR - Dora Harris, dau of John C. Harris & Malinda (Popham) Wolf.
5. Margaret

23.  Malinda POPHAM was born on 15 Apr 1828 in MO.  She died on 10 Aug 1882 in prob, AR.  Marion Charles WOLF(E) and Malinda
POPHAM had the following children:

     11 i. Mary Kathleen WOLF(E).
         ii. Marion Charles WOLF(E) was born on 11 Jun 1853 in AR.
   The family records give his birthdate as 11 Jun 1848 and born in AR. But he is not on the 1850 census. He's on the 1860 census for
Johnson Co, AR, as Marion age 7 born AR.

   I was looking for information on the census records for Capt Harris and family,  and was startled to find our BURT'S!! I had been looking
for them in Georgia all these years!

24.  John WALL Sr was born about 1827 in County Kilkenny, IRE.  He died on 22 Feb 1888 in Prob, Coles Co, IL.  No probate records
found in Coles Co, IL-perhaps died elsewhere?? Have not been to this, so have not personally been able to search this county- data may be there.
He was married to Margaret KEHOE\KOHOE about 1847 in Prob, County Kilkenny, IRE.  Have based marriage date on dates of known children.
According to the various books published on Ireland, the name WALL/WALE, was Norman de Valle gaelicized as de Bhal. This is one of the
hibernicized Norman families, the many branches of which were settled in the country between Limerick and Waterford.

The name WALL is found in considerable numbers in that part of Munster which lies between Limerick and Waterford, and in the counties
of Leinster which adjoin this. The name is common in England also.  It is of Norman origin: Its earliest form is du Val, i.e. of the valley, hence
the form de Bhal in Irish.

The WALLs have been in Ireland since the 13th century and when they first appear in Irish records they were called de Vale, alias Faltagh...

25.  Margaret KEHOE\KOHOE died on 26 May 1880 in Prob, Coles Co, IL.  No records found in Coles Co, IL- So not sure where
they are buried.

Margaret's brother/father?, William KEHOE was already a US Citizan in 1866, and was named as a witness on the final naturalization
paper's for John WALL, Sr.  She was born in County Kilkenny, IRE.  John WALL Sr and Margaret KEHOE\KOHOE had the following children:

      i. Elizabeth WALL was born on 16 May 1849 in Ireland.
12 ii. John P WALL Jr.

26.  Daniel FERRIS was born in Feb 1821 in Ireland.  The name also appears as FERRIS - FARRIS -FERRIES

Info on census came as a surprise- Nowhere in the family have I seen mentioned he had married a second time!

1900 cen, Coles Co, Humbolt Twp - Daniel is 79, wf Margaret age unk, married 12 yrs, both, plus parents, born in Ireland.

1900 cen indicates a poss son, John P. - but not shown as a child.

History of Coles Co IL, State Historial Society, publ 1906 p875 (My bro Larry has the book)

1870 cen, Coles Co- George FARRIS, age 32 b OH, was possibly a bro to Daniel.  He was married to Mary --?-- between
1850 and 1855 in OH?.  Need to re-do census records. the 1870 cen for sons James & Charles as all being born in OH. The 1880
cen has these 2 sons as born in PA.

27.  Mary --?-- was born about 1821 in Ireland.  She died on 17 Jan 1878 in Coles Co, IL.  Mary is age 49 on the 1870 cen - Coles Co,
Hickory Twp IL. Her maiden name is unknown. She is the mother of all the known children. She came as a surprise, as the family have
Margaret as being the mother.  Daniel FERRIS and Mary --?-- had the following children:

      i. James FERRIS was born about 1855 in Prob, OH.  4 Nov 1911- picture post card- Written to Jack Wall from his Aunt Emma in
        Finn. Montana- Signed E.M.F.  Photo- old - not dated - Uncle James & Aunt Emma  in Montana with grandchildren (not named)
        I don't know where Finn. is, not located on present map.

       ii. Charles FERRIS was born in Aug 1856 in Prob, OH.  1870 cen He's age 14 b OH; 1880 he's age 23 b PA; 1900 age 43.

   Charles has a nephew living with him in 1900 cen - Thomas C FARRIS age 18 b Oct 1886, KS. Father b PA, Mother b MA.
Is this same Thomas C son of John P. FARRIS??
      iii. Daniel FERRIS Jr was born about 1862 in Coles Co, IL.  Daniel is age 8 in 1870 cen; age 18 1880 census. No other data
 13 iv. Mary Ann FERRIS.
      v. John P ? FERRIS was born in May 1867 in PA.  I am not sure he is a son, but seems to fit.

   1900 cen says he's born in PA; parents in Ireland; He's living in Douglas Co, IL. Has a son Thomas C. John's Father b PA, his Mother b MA.

   Note- Living nearby is John D BATES & John SMITH.

28.  John D SMITH was born on 12 Apr 1845 in Somersat, Perry Co, OH.  He was married to Emma BOWMAN  in 1867 in Douglas Co, IL.

29.  Emma BOWMAN was born on 28 Jul 1845 in Perry Co, OH.  John D SMITH and Emma BOWMAN had the following children:

         14 i. Mervin Adolphus SMITH.

30.John Ira BATES was born on 13 Dec 1834 in Charleston, Coles Co, IL.  He was married to Catherine Ann HUNTER on 8 Sep 1864 in
Arcola, Douglas Co, IL.

31.  Catherine Ann HUNTER was born on 23 Sep 1842 in Oakland, IL.  John Ira BATES and
Catherine Ann HUNTER, dau of Jeremiah HUNTER and Sarah LUCE,  had the following children:

         15 i. Sarah Amanda BATES.
             ii. Catherine
            iii. Ella
            iv. Ann


32.  Henry PRESSER was born about 1770 in Ger/PA.  He died before 6 May 1840, Boone Co, KY.  Sold land to William CAVE
23 May 1813, in Boone Co, KY

I'm as certain as I can be at the moment that Henry is our ancestor..Lending support to this was the recent (Oct 1999) finding of 2 land
patent's for the only Presser buying land (40a each) in Clark Co, IL, 10 Oct of 1839...The patents state he was "...of Johnson Co, IL.."
This gives a new county in which to search.  [2005 -This turned out to be Henry Jr.]

33.  Lydia --?-- was born about 1774 in PA.  The census for 1860, Anderson Twp, Clark Co, IL says she's 86 & born in PA. She gives
Power of Attorney to son William on 27 Oct 1845.  She died after 4 Feb 1865 in Clark Co, IL.
Henry PRESSER and Lydia --?-- had the following children:

          i. Henry PRESSER Jr was born on 18 Feb 1792 in PA.  He died on 22 Aug 1840 in Johnson Co, IN.  He was buried Aug 1840 in Dorrell Cem,
             White River Twp, Johnson Co, IN.  Dorrell Cemetery was located on the Lyons Farm.
         ii. Rachel PRESSER was born about 1794.
        iii. William PRESSER was born about 1795 in PA.  He died about 1863 in Boone Co, KY.
        iv. John C PRESSER was born on 4 Feb 1802 in Boone Co, KY.  He was buried in Apr 1865 in Boone Co, KY.  Bur Big Bone
            Bapt Church Cem  He died on 29 Apr 1865 in Boone Co, KY.
         v. Rebecca PRESSER was born about 1807 in Boone Co, KY.  She died after 1860 in Clark Co, IL.  She's on the 1860 census
            for Clark Co, IL
        vi. Mary PRESSER was born about 1813 in KY?.
       vii. Lucinda PRESSER was born about 1814 in Boone Co, KY.  She's age 36 in 1850 census for Clark Co, IL, born KY
 16 viii. George Washington PRESSER.
       ix. Garret? PRESSER.
        x. Susan? PRESSER.

34.  Martin SHIPP.  He was married to Elizabeth PREYER.

35.  Elizabeth PREYER.  Martin SHIPP and Elizabeth PREYER had the following children:

         17 i. Nancy SHIPP.

46.  William Nalls POPHAM was born about 1789 in Culpeper Co, VA.  He died in Scott Co, AR.  1830 census, Cooper Co, MO
1840 census, Franklin Co, AR
She's aged 53 KY on the 1850 census for Scott Co, AR  Served in the War of 1812 in KY.  He was married to Mary DAVIS on 13 Jun 1816
in Nelson Co, KY.  Had a family of 10 children

47.  Mary DAVIS was born about 1797 in KY.  She died in Cooper Co, MO.  William Nalls POPHAM and Mary DAVIS had the
following children:

         23 i. Malinda POPHAM.

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