The family of Judith Ann Presser

Jaunita, brother Paul Presser
and her husband Charles Lucas

Jaunita, Paul, her hus Charles

Dad's sister Jaunita

Jaunita Presser

      Daddy Jack's brother

Joe Wall WWI- Germany

My Mother's parents

Ina and Jack Wall, Stevie, cousin Margareta's boy 1950
Dad's brother's and sister
front yard of our home in
Los Angeles, CA. 1940s
[Back] Bill,Kay,Eddie, Harrell,Joe Presser

A rare photo of my father

Burt Presser 1915 & wagon

My grmother Ina (standing on the
left) and her sisters and brother

Ina, standing-Rena, Bess, Paul Smith 1998

My favorite

Mom and Dad in CA 1946

    Esther and Elizabeth Wall
    Daddy Jack's sisters

Esther and Busy Wall

Mervin Smith's Mother

Emma (Bowman) Smith

            Ain't I somethin?!

Betty Lou Wall 1919

Grandparents of Sarah Amanda Bates

Sarah Luce and Jeremiah Hunter

         My Grandfather
              John A Wall

Daddy Jack, 1st Communion-age 12

My Grandmother

Mama Wall-13, graduated from 8th grade-dress, white silk & lace

My gr-grmother
Sally (Mother of Ina Wall)
and her sisters

Top: Sallie and Katherine, Bottom: Ella and Ann- The Bates sisters

My Father's Mother

Celeste Vivian (Burt) Presser-early 1950s

                        My Father

Burt James Presser-California Beach-1944

My mother

Betty Lou Wall-age 16

            The Wall sisters

Sisters-Rena, Ina, Bess in Carney, OK No date


Updated 10 Jan 2006