The family of Judith Ann Presser

John and Mary (Ferris] Wall-Okla City-at Grandmother Smith's
Betty Lou (Wall) Presser 1940s
Burt James Presser 1940s
Sarah (Bates) Smith-Grandmother Smith 85 years old
Emma (Bowman) Smith
Uncle James and Aunt Farris and grandchildren-not named

Celeste Vivian (Burt) Presser, and daughter Kathleen Kay - 1940s

Jaunita and dau Mary Louise

Betty Lou Wall (right) and her cousins


Bill and sister Kay Presser

Bill, Kay Presser

    Burt James Presser
    daughter Judith A
    abt 8 months
    son Tony abt 3 yrs

Burt, Judy, Tony Presser 1942

Harrell Presser
Mother, Celeste Vivian

Vivian and son, Harrel Presser

    Vivian Celeste (Burt) Presser
    son Joseph Presser "Joe"

Vivian and son Joesph Presser

Edward Eli Presser, Jr

Dad's brother Eddie Presser, Jr

        Vivian Celeste (Burt) Presser
        holding son Burt James Presser
        age about 1 year

Vivian and son Burt Presser-1914

Bob Presser and family in front of his
mother Vivian's home, in Okmulgee, OK
early 1950s..last time I saw Janet

Bob Presser, wife Hara Lee, dau Janet

Dad's Uncle, Paul Presser, and sister Kay

Irene, hus Paul Presser, and his sister Kay

Brother Larry Presser
He replaced my dolls

My brother Larry Presser-1947

         Brother Larry
  Preparing for Vietnam

Yikes! I've changed my mind!

Judy Presser age 4
Tony Presser age 7

Tony and Judy Presser-1946

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