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I took most of the b.w. pictures for the 1981 and 1982 years, spending alot of time in the dark...

While there I spent alot of time with Sports. Soccer (GDHS and local), Track, Football (American), and even coaching the knee highs. Other sports activities included Jolo's and a couple of the other off base clubs that had bands playing american music.

For the summer hire program ($1/hr) I worked with some Grunts at the aircraft support hanger at the end of the flight line at Cubi Point fixing engines on the tow vehicals mostly, even though I had asked for electronics. I have no Idea how the two could be seen to be related but I did learn alot about engines and got to see some neat aircraft up close. Then there were the Marines to deal with.

The other year of summer hire, after again asking for electronics, I ended up repairing line transformers at the SRF. This was a bit closer to what I had asked for but the transformer oil was not. I cleaned and tested it, then meggered the windings before they went back on the pole.

Most everywere I went I rode my bicycle, took the bus/cab system (which was very cheap and very good), or borrowed mom's moped. Once I was old enough to get out the main gate the Jeepney was the favored transportation method. Although I did some traveling, mostly for sports, I wish that I had spent more time off and about the country.

Some of the places...Clark AFB (for sports and to drop punch cards in the main frame), Rizal Stadium in Manilla (track meet), The top of some mountain (soccer game), all around Olongapo, San Miguel (lived there for a few months while waiting for housing at Subic)

Some things...launching model rockets under the approach path for Cubi (we asked permission 'you want to do WHAT???'), working the MARS station grams and patches, taking pictures of everything in sight (they are on the site here but not linked yet), burying a bottle of Champaine at the 'Rocket' (should be pretty good by now), Playing Dungeons and Dragons and various other RPG games, working out at the gym, video games at the bowling alley and movie theater, memorizing Janes all The Worlds books at the library, coaching soccer and dealing with the the parents, dealing with the fact that Mr Wilson and my Dad were buddies out in town, riding bikes all over base with Kurt, hanging out in general.....

Amazingly for such a small class several close encounters have occured. Barbra Bowman yelled me down in Illinois while on liberty at boot camp. Suzy Shaw and I got to be friends after meeting in a mini reunion in Virginia with Pancho and Ron Reinert.

It is fun to be able to respond to the question 'where did you go to high school' with, 'In the Philippines' and I have had some interesting conversations started with it.

Although the Mt.Pinatubo erruption ended fourty years of GDHS it lives on as a conference center for the Subic Bay Free Trade Zone. A few alumni have been back and were kind enough to Share some pictures.

1980 Soccer Team

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