Research, Notes Trolinger's from North Carolina to Virginia

Marriages Pulaski County  1838-1845

The following marriage records are from ministers returns; the
marriage bonds, as well as almost all of the ministers returns, prior to 1854, 
having been destroyed by fire.

TROLLINGER, John, and Mary WYGAL - 3 Oct 1839.


Trollinger, Henry 20 Sept 1786
Montgomery County
275a. Beginning above the head of a Spring.
Grants 1, p.640

John Alford - 23 Aug 1796 
Montgomery County 
167 a. On the waters of New River adjoining the lands of Henry Trolinger 
Grants No. 34, p. 651 

Trollender, Henry 16 July 1788  
Montgomery County
100a. On Clinch known by the name of Hoopwood Place.
Grants 18, p. 131

Trollinger, Henry 18 July 1788
Montgomery County
75a. On the waters of New river adjoining a Survey of his on the south west side.
Grants 17, p. 402

Trollinger, Henry 18 July 1788
Montgomery County
200a On the waters of New river adjoining another Survey of his.
Grants 17, p. 403

Trollenger, Henry 17 July 1789
Montgomery County
39a. On the waters of New River, Beginning on the mouth side of his Improvement.
Grants 18, p. 121

Trollinger, John  18 Feb 1807
Montgomery County
50a. on the waters of New River adjoining Henry Piper, Christopher Trinkle
Grants 56, p.141

Trollinger, John and Towsy, Thomas 20 Jan 1823
Montgomery County
30a. on Peek Creek a branch of New River
Grants 72, p. 40

Trollinger, John 31 July 1847
Pulaski County
4 1/2a. Joining lands of James Wygall and John Trollinger.
Grants No. 99, p. 247

Trollinger, John 1 July 1858
Pulaski County
1a. 1p. 10d. Joining Jos. Cloyd's Inclusive survey & his own land.
Grants No. 115, p. 62

Trollinger, Jas. T. 2 April 1883
Pulaski County
5a. Head waters back Creek
Grants No. 119, p. 700


The 1860 Pulaski County, Virginia 

House #                   Name               Age       Occupation      Real        Personal
                                                                      Prop.          Prop.

118.       Trolinger, Henry R.               26        Farmer         10460           7146
                     Henrietta               25
                       Mary E.                2

250.           Trolinger, John               53        Farmer         16160          12400
                          Mary               45
                         James               17        Laborer
                          Mary               10
                   Yost, Ellen               15
          Trolinger, Elizabeth               84

634.          Thompson, Robert               34        Laborer                         125
                      Missouri               29
                     Wilber T.                9
                     Samuel S.                7
                        Olivia                4
             William Trolinger                2
                        Andrew               74        None
                        Jemima               60        None
               Sled, Catherine               55
                        Martha               54

635. Trolinger, William H.            28     Farmer         26500           3100
                      Margaret               27
                       John J.                3


April 1856 term of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Juror list

Sebastian WYGAL 

April 1857 term of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Juror list

William J. WALL
George W. WYSOR

April 1859 term of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Juror list


April 1860 term of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Juror list




wounded at the battle of the Wilderness; James P. TROLINGER


Dublin Cemetery VA Pulaski cemetery 370528N 0804134W Dublin 
Cecil Cemetery VA Pulaski cemetery 370110N 0804043W Dublin 
Cecil Chapel Cemetery VA Pulaski cemetery 370038N 0803938W Dublin 
Highland Memory Gardens VA Pulaski cemetery 370647N 0804030W Dublin 
Hurst Cemetery VA Pulaski cemetery 370321N 0804109W Dublin 


SW TIMES February 15, 1974 Pulaski - Mrs. Ellen TROLINGER PRICE, age 97, widow of Walter Crowe PRICE, 
died Monday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia. 
She was the daughter of the late James Thomas TROLINGER and Mary Elizabeth KING TROLINGER. 
She was born in Pulaski County, July 19, 1877. Surviving are one, Lewis Stearnes PRICE, Atlanta Georgia; two nieces, 
Mrs. Mary T. STEGER, Mrs. Richard J. WAUGH, both in Pulaski; one nephew, James T. TROLINGER, Richmond. 
Funeral service will be held Friday at 11:00 a.m. at Steven's Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Gordon GOODGAME 
officiating. Burial will follow in Thornspring Cemetery. 

Dated March 20, 1983 Mrs. Mary Trolinger Steger 86, of 1600 Westbrook Ave., Richmond, formerly of Pulaski, 
died Friday morning in a Richmond hospital. Born in Pulaski, Jan. 31, 1897, she was the daughter of the late 
Henry Lewis Trofinger and Willie Jordan Trolinger. She was preceded in death by her husband, Hubert Watts Steger. 
Surviving are one step-son, H. Watts Steger Jr., Pulaski; a brother, James T. Trolinger, Richmond, and nieces and nephews. 
The funeral will be Monday at 11 a.m. from the First United Methodist, Church with the Rev. J.N. Howard and 
Rev. Tom Seay officiating. Burial will follow in the Oakwood Cemetery. 


Biography of William B. Cecil - Pulaski Co. VA

Source: The Index to Pulaski County History in Hardesty's 1884

WILLIAM B. CECIL - is a son of John H. and Mary E. (TRINKLE) CECIL, whose record has just been 
given, and was born on the 15th of September, 1844, in Pulaski county. He enlisted, August 15, 
1861 in Company F., Fifty-Fourth Virginia Infantry, and went to Christianburg, Montgomery county, 
where the regiment camped two months. They then went into Kentucky near the Big Sandy River, and 
remained in that state two months, then returning to Virginia, they took part in engagements 
before Richmond, Petersburg, and at Franklin, and then joined Bragg, at Knoxville, Tennessee, 
participating in the Battle of Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863. In November, same year, they 
were in the Battle of Missionary Ridge, and then west to Dalton, where they remained until 
March 1864. In Georgia the regiment was in the Battles of Stony Side, Resnea, Mount Zion 
Church, and in the last named engagement William B. CECIL was wounded severely in the shoulder, 
and went home on furlough. The regiment was transferred to his native county before his 
recovery, and he served with it there until the close of the war. He then for one year devoted 
his time to agricultural pursuits, and then entered upon his present successful mercantile 
career. In Pulaski county, April 15, 1874, he was joined in wedlock with Mary E. TROLINGER, 
born in this county July 20 1861, a daughter of John and Mary G. (WYGAL) TROLINGER. James M., 
born April 7, 1879, is the only child of this union. The postoffice address of William H. CECIL 
is Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia. 

Submitted by Betty Bray w/permission from Pulaski Co. VAGenWeb Site 

Biography of Jacob Anderson - Pulaski Co. VA

Source: The Index to Pulaski County History in Hardesty's 1884

JACOB ANDERSON--is a son of William and Hettie (CARPER) ANDERSON, his father born in Pulaski 
county, and a resident here for nearly eighty years, since his manhood always foremost in 
promoting the interests of the county. He has been many years a farmer, stock raiser and buyer 
of blooded cattle, and is still in good health. Jacob ANDERSON was born in this county, 
November 28, 1829, and on the 7th of April 1852, was here united in marriage with Malinda 
TRINKLE, born in Pulaski county, August 26, 1826. Stephen and Sarah (TROLLINGER) TINKLE were 
her parents. Five children were born to Mr. And Mrs. ANDERSON, of whom death has taken two, and 
the others have homes in this county. These children were born: William Stephen, April 16, 
1855; Fedoria, July 30, 1857; Ferdinand, August 4, 1859; Jacob H., November 8, 1862; John W., 
February 21, 1866. Jacob ANDERSON volunteered June 7, 1861 in Company F, Fifty-Fourth Virginia 
Infantry. He was elected sargeant, and the company went into Camp Jackson, Montgomery county, 
leaving there for active service November 8, 1861. They joined the Confederate army of the 
West, and participated in the battle of Peach Tree Creek, in Kentucky, several small skirmishes 
and then the battle of Franklin, in Tennessee, and then at Murfreesboro. They then went to 
Georgia, and fought all the way across the State; then at Chickamauga, at Resaca, at Mt. Zion, 
at Jones Bar, at Cassville, near Atlanta, Missionary Ridge, Bentonville, then went to 
Salisbury, where the command surrendered. Returning home, Mr. ANDERSON engaged in farming, 
having a fine farm within the corporate limits of the town of Dublin, largely engaged in 
grazing, and raising blooded stock. He was mayor of Dublin 1881-3.

Biography of John Harrison Cecil - Pulaski Co. VA

Source: The Index to Pulaski County History in Hardesty's 1884

John Harrison CECIL - was born in Shelby county, Ohio, January 29, 1818, son of William and 
Elizabeth (GUTHRIE) CECIL. He came to Pulaski county in 1839, engaged in farming, and in 1854 
added a mercantile business, which he has continued ever since with the exception of the four 
years of the war. He now carries on an extensive agricultural and mercantile business, owning a 
farm of 104 acres one mile east of Dublin, another of thirty two acres south of Dublin, and one
of ninety six acres in Roanoke County, this state. Twenty eight years ago he was elected to the
office of Justice of the Peace, and has served, with the exception of four years, ever since 
and is still the incumbent. During the war he was a member of the Reserves, enlisted to defend 
their homes, and as such took part in the Battle of Cloyd Mountain. William B., oldest son of 
Mr. CECIL was a member of Company F, Fifty-Fourth Virginia Infantry, during the war. In Pulaski
county, August 11, 1841, John Harrison CECIL married Mary Ellen, daughter of Stephen and 
Elizabeth (TROLLINGER) TRINKLE, born in Pulaski county in 1824. Their children were born: Sarah 
Elizabeth, May 12, 1842; William Ballard, September 15, 1844; Cynthia Mary, July 18, 1846; 
Margaret Melinda, March 22, 1848; James Henry, January 24, 1850; John Stephen, November 24, 
1852; Jacob Harvey, December 26, 1854; Minnesota, March 18, 1857; Fannie Letitia, June 24, 
1859; Dow Robert, December 9, 1861; twins died unnamed in January 1864; Charlie Lee, May 1, 
1866; Margaret M. and Jacob H. are deceased. James Henry lives in the adjacent county, Giles; 
the others in Dublin. Dublin, Pulaski county, Virginia is John Harrison CECIL'S postoffice 

Submitted by Betty Bray w/permission from Pulaski Co. VAGenWeb Site 

born in Newbern, Pulaski county, June 12, 1821, and Ellen C. MILLER, born in Dublin district, this county, 
September 18, 1823, were joined in wedlock in Dublin district on the 19th of December 1843. Their eight children were 
born: Addison L., March 24, 1846; Elizabeth H., (PAINTER), February 29, 1848; James B. May 11, 1850; Lucy C. 
(SMITH), April 29 1852; DeWitt C., July 17, 1854; William R., April 5, 1857; Sebastian M., September 13, 1859; 
Turner Ashby, June 6, 1862; Sebastian M. is deceased, James B. lives in Newbern, Lucy C.(SMITH) in Tazewell county, 
and the others in Dublin district. Thomas Jordan, grandfather of Crockett I., came to America in the British army sent over 
to keep the colonies in subjection. After the war was inaugurated, he was made prisoner by the Continental army, and when 
paroled chose to settle down as an American citizen rather than return to England. He married and made his home in 
Botetourt county, Virginia, and Michael , his son and father of Crockett I, was born in that county. Michael came to this 
(then Montgomery) county, and married Elizabeth TOLINGER, who was born in what is now Pulaski county. He was a 
tailor by trade and also carried on a farm successfully. James and Hannah (WYGAL) MILLER, parents of Ellen, wife of 
Mr. JORDAN, were born in Pulaski county. Crockett I. JORDAN and Addison L., his eldest son, were members of 
Company F, Fifty-fourth Virginia Infantry, in the civil war. Addison L. after taking part in a number of battles was made 
prisoner and sent to Camp Douglas, Chicago, where he was held eleven months. Mr. JORDAN filled the office of 
postmaster in 1852-3, and bought his present farm in March 1853, and resigned his official position to give his entire 
time to farming and grazing, in which he has accumulated a comfortable competence. His address is Dublin, Pulaski county, 

                        WENDELIN3, MELCHOIR2, BERNHARDT1) 
      was born 1771 in Orange Co., NC (Haw River), and died October 11, 1842 1840 1840 
      in Pulaski Co., VA (Dublin Cemetery). He married ELIZABETH BURRIS December 30, 1792 
      in Montgomery Co., Dublin, VA, born 1776 Montgomery County VA, and died 17 Oct 1869 
      Dublin VA, daughter of WILLIAM BURRIS.  

John Trollinger, Sr., born 1771, Orange County N.C.; died October 11, 1840, Pulaski County, Va.
  Married Elizabeth Burris December 30, 1792, Montgomery County, Va.—
JOHN TROLLINGER, born ABT 1760, of Montgomery, Virginia; will 28 Sep 1832, 
Montgomery, Virginia.  He married MRS. ELIZABETH TROLLINGER, born ABT 1762, 
of Montgomery, Virginia; died BEF 1860, of Montgomery, Virginia

Notes for JOHN TROLLINGER:  John Trollinger 1771—Source: Durst and Darst Families of 
          America, with discussions of Forty Related Families Sandford Charles Gladden, 
          1969. p 734, 751. • 
   Notes:  As a Presbyterian, he took a prominent part in the reorganization and rebuilding 
           of the New Dublin Presbyterian Church in 1833. He built the old Trolinger place, 
           an old long log house, with each room opening on the outside. It was located just 
           east of the town of Dublin, and was rebuilt in 1886. • He owned several thousand 
           acres east of Dublin. The property included the Coffee Pot Farm, the "Old Trolinger 
           Place," and the Elliott Place. • On 11 October 1840 he died at the "Old Trolinger 
           Place," and was buried in the Trolinger (now Dublin) Cemetery. His wife survived 
           him until 12 October 1869. • His will was made 28 September 1832 and probated 
           5 November 1840 (Montgomery County Will Book 1, p 1). • John Trolinger 1771 • 
           Notes: John Trolinger was born at Haw River, North Carolina in 1771.  Early in 
           the Revolutionary War his father, Jacob Henry Trolinger, bought a large tract of 
           land in Montgomery County, now Pulaski County, Virginia. The family moved to 
           Virginia shortly afterward. On the property was a salt peter cave where they 
           mined salt peter and made gun powder for the Continental Army. Late in the War 
           the family moved back to North Carolina. When a division of the property was made, 
           Henry, John's eldest brother, received land in North Carolina and John, that in 
           Pulaski County, Virginia. John Trolinger married Elizabeth Burris at Lynchburg, 
           Virginia, 30 December 1792. She was born in 1776 and died in 1869. John Trolinger 
           died near Dublin, Virginia, in 1842.  Falls Church—Jim—III—JOHN TROLLINGER, SR., 
           son of Henry Jacob Trollinger, born 1771, Orange County, N.C.  He married 
           Elizabeth Burris in Montgomery County, VA., December 30, 1792.  She was born 
           in 1776, the daught of the Revolutionary soldier William Burris.  At the time 
           of her marriage Elizabeth Burris, with the help of her servants, was operating 
           a ferry near the mouth of Stroubles Creek in Montgomery County.  During the was 
           of 1812, John Trollinger, Sr., served a a private in Capt. William Currin's 
           Company of Infantry, Seventy-fifth Regiment of Virginia Militia from Montgomery 
           County.  He and his wife settled at the old Trollinger place on the property of 
           his father Henry Jacob Trollinger hear Dublin, and eventually added to this and 
           accumulated approximately two thousand acres between the present towns of Dublin 
           and Newbern.  John Trollinger, Sr., built the "Old mansion" on this farm, only a 
           few feet from his father's original dwelling.  Built of squared hewn logs, 
           weather-boarded the house was unusual for its length and the fact that each room 
           opened to the outside.  
           Part of this "old Trollinger place" was razed and the remainder drastically 
           remodelled in 1886.  John Trollinger, Sr., having learned the business from his 
           father, "was extensively engaged in the greater part of his life in the manufacture 
           and saleof saltpetre and gunposder."  He utilized the old saltpetre cave located 
           just north of the Dublin Cemetery, which has father had mined.  He had the 
           reputation of being a man of unusual "practical good sense."  john Trollinger, Sr., 
           died in Pulaski County October 11, 1840, and was buried in the Trolinger (now Dublin)
           Cemetery on a hill oppose the old mansion.  Elizabeth (Burris) Trollinger survived 
           her husband for many years, living in the old Trollinger mansion with her son 
           John Trolinger, Jr.  Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren always spoke of 
           her with reverence and awe, as the epitome of te Scotch-Irish pioneer woman.  
           One grandson recalled, Elizabeth (Burris) Trollinger "raised large flock of turkeys.
           She was a very fearless woman and lived to the ripe old age of 94."  In her last 
           years she was partially blind and required a walking stick to get around, but 
           retained her intellectual powers until the end.  She died at the old Trollinger 
           mansion October 17, 1869, after an illness of about two weeks, and was buried 
           beside her husband in the Trolinger Cemetery.  
           Children of John, Sr., and Elizabeth (Burris) Trollinger:  Named his half-sister 
           Elizabeth-child #8 in his Will) some of this information was furnished by his 
           g-g-g grandaughter through his daughter Phoebe.

 94.	i.	SARAH9 TROLINGER, b. March 01, 1794, Dublin VA; d. March 25, 1887, Dublin VA.

ii.	POLLY TROLINGER,        b. 1796; d. 1906, Texas; 
                              m. (1) JACOB HEAVENER born UNKNOWN 1794 
                              d. 1817, February 05, 1814; m. (2) MARTIN ELLIOTT, 
                                 born UNKNOWN, and died UNKNOWN Texas, September 01, 1818.—
Cooke County, Texas Queries—Ben Owen 
Wed Feb 12 18:28:16 1997—I'm looking for information about Polly HEAVENER. 
I submitted a query for Polly TROLLINGER for Cooke Co. several days ago, 
but since learned that her first husband, TROLLINGER, died, and that she 
remarried a HEAVENER in February of 1814 and moved from Virginia to Texas. 
I believe that her maiden name was MARTIN.  Polly Trollinger, married (1) 
Jacob Heavener February 5, 1814, Montgomery County; (2) Martin Elliott 
September 1, 1818.  Moved to Texas in the 1850's and died there at the 
great age of 110 years.

iii.	ELIZABETH TROLLINGER,   b. August 15, 1799, Dublin VA; 
                              d. July 29, 1886, New Bern VA; 
                              m. MICHAEL JORDAN, September 01, 1818, Montgomery Co., VA.  

Elizabeth Trollinger, born August 15, 1799, at the "old Trollinger place" near the present 
town of Dublin; died Newbern, Pulaski County, July 29, 1886.  Married Montgomery County 
September 1, 1818 to Michael Jordan, a prominent merchant of Newbern.  She was the beloved 
and remarkable "Aunt Betsy Jordan," or whom so much as been told and written.  As a widow 
she lived at Newbern with her daughter, Harriet (Jordan) Wysor, whose husband was killed 
just after the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain in 1864.  Her granson, Hugh Legare' Wysor, 
"never could speak of Grandma Betsy without emotion . . . . she could be and was 
'all things to all men'; skilled in so many hand crafts, a doctor, nurse and anything 
that was necessary in her community."  One of her Jordan great-grandsons wrote, 
"In Newbern they spoke of Aunt Betsy as a saint for wherever a woman was ill or in 
trouble, wherever children were sick, there she went with ministering hands and a 
smile of sunshine regardless of distance or class."  As a yound woman she had a unique 
religious experience alone in a grove of virgin forest near Newbern and thereafter 
won most of her family to the Christian life and became one of the founds of Methodism 
in the Newbern and Dublin area.  Children of Michael and Elizabeth (Trollinger); 

Jordon: Col. William J., married Lucretia Howe; Crockett I., 
married Eleanor Collinsworth Miller; Elizabeth (Lizzie), unmarried; 
Harriet Jane, married Benjamin Franklin Wysor; John, lived in Christiansburg.

 95.	iv.	MARY TROLLINGER,    b. Bef. 1800, VA; 
                                d. Bef. 1910, TX.

v.	ELIZA TROLLINGER,         b. Aft. 1800, VA; 
                                m. JOHN ROBERT DURHAM, May 25, 1835, Montgomery Co., VA.  

Eliza Trollinger, married John Durham May 25, 1835.  Lived in Giles County, Va.

Notes for ELIZA TROLLINGER: Eliza Trolinger daughter of John Trolinger 1771—
Source: abstract of the old deed for the division of property on file
        in Hillsboro, North Carolina.  

Notes:  "John Trolinger et al to Henry Trolinger. This indenture made  this 
         6th day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
         and Four between Peggy Sever, Mary Huffman, Barbara McCoy, John Trolinger, 
         and John Bason, all of the State of Virginia of the first part  and 
         Henry Trolinger, of the County of Orange, of the second part.  
         Witnesseth............ In witness whereof we have herunto set our 
         hands  and affixed our seals the day and year first above written. 
         Signed:  Barbara X McCoy; Phebe X Trolinger; Mary X Trolnger; Margaret X Sever;  
                  Mary X Huffman; John X Trolinger; John Bason. Signed, sealed and  
                  Delivered in the presence of - Fredrick Bason, Joseph Bason. 

 96.	vi.	JOHN TROLLINGER,     b. Aft. 1800, Dublin VA; 
                                 d. May 01, 1883, Dublin VA.

 97.	vii.	HENRY T. TROLLINGER, b. October 26, 1800, Newborn, Montgomery Co., VA; 
                                 d. November 29, 1838, Henry Cty MO.

Montgomery Co, VA, LDS records, Dublin VA; d. January 15, 1889, Dublin VA; 
m. JACOB L. SHUFFLEBARGER, March 27, 1825, 4 Dec 1824 (#229 Family Tree Maker's Marriage Index),
   Montgomery Co., VA, born ABT 1796, Montgomery Co., VA, and 

died 19 Mar 1862, Pulaski Co, VA (son of ELIAS SHUFFLEBARGER and MARY WYSOR).  
Phoebe Katherine Trollinger, born April 1, 1804; died January 15, 1889.  
Married Jacob Shufflebarger, son of Elias and Mary (Wysor) Shufflebarger, March 27, 1825, 
Montgomery County.  
Children:  Newton; Harry; Jasper; Henry; Marion, married Eliza Durham; Taylor, 
married Cosby Woolwine; Virginia, married Warham Stevens Dudley; Elizabeth, 
married T. H. Kinser; Eliza, married Whitney Cecil; Malinda, married Gordon Cecil.  
they lived at the old Shufflebarger estate, "Sinking Spring" farm, near Dublin, Va., 
which was renowned for its abundance of boxwood.  "Sinking Spring" was purchased by 
the government and incorporated into the "bag loading" plant erected near Dublin 
at the beginning of World War II.  Jacob and Phoebe (Trollinger) Shufflebarger 
were buried in the family cemetery at "Sinking Spring," which was moved to the 
Dublin Cemetery when the government took over the estate.

ix.	ELIZABETH TROLINGER,      b. 1810; 
                                d. December 18, 1888, Giles Cty VA; m. JOHN DURHAM.

Monument in Haw River Church, Heavener, op. cit., p. 74, Heavener calls him Jacob 
and his son (the Revolutionary pensioner) Jacob Henry.  Also he calls John Trollinger, Sr.'s 
father Adam II and mother Mary, who married Adam Wall.  All of this is erroneous.  
Mary Trollinger (widow of the pensioner) includes in her pension application pages 
from his family Bible which record "Henry Trolinger, son of Henry Jacob and 
Barbara Trolinger.  
He (the pensioner) says his father cam from N.C. in 1776 and made powder, etc., 
in this application.  Henry C. Trolinger son of John Trolinger, Jr., in Brock, Hardesty 
(Pulaski and Giles), p. 420, states, that he "is a great-grandson of Henry Trolinger 
from North Carolina."  this was written in 1884, less than twenty years after his 
grandmother's (Elizabeth Burris Trollinger) death, and when his father had been 
dead less than a year and several Trolinger aunts were still living.  
See Montgomery County DB D, pp. 454-460, for heirs of Henry Jacob settling estate.  
This shows John, Sr., and Henry the pensioner as brothers.  
Heavener received information from H. L. Trolinger, grandson of John, Jr., who obviously 
knew very little of the family, as reference to his biography in Bruce, Tyler, 
and others, History of Virginia, Vol. V., p. 535, shows.  there he says John Trollinger, Sr., 
was born in Ireland.  See Note 233, Chapter III*.  (Ed. Note: this note (*) is found at the 
end of the footnotes.)

The spelling on the monument (Note 1) apparently is Trolinger.  
At the time of the Revolution it was still pronounced "Drollinger," 
according to Henry Trollinger's pension statement, National Archives.

Source: Judy K


Dublin Cemetery VA Pulaski cemetery 370528N 0804134W Dublin 

Pulaski County, Virginia 

     Fincastle Co (1772-1777) defunct
                          Montgomery Co (1777)
                              |      |                                     
                              |    Wythe Co (1790)
                           Pulaski Co (1839)

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