John Trolinger 1790-1869


High Falls Mill Day Book for Trolinger Factory, 1839-1840

Inside front cover "day book commencing Jany 18, 1840
                    Signed, Jacob Trolinger"

   (first entry references 1839 though)

Throughout the book (ledger), which had newspaper clippings glued over 80% of the pages 
all the entries to be seen have surnames spelt Trolinger.  Example;

Bill Trolinger $60 oad (signed me)
John Trolinger $10 oad (signed me)

Source: High Falls Mill Day Book, Jacob Trolinger, 1840
        donated by Betty Montgomery Waugh to the Haw River Historical Association
        is unique and resides at Haw River Museum, under glass, under a picture of
        the mysterious  John Trolinger.

by John Trolinger, Jan 2001

The History of Almance Co., NC
Miles S.W. Stockard, Raleigh, NC
Capitol Printing Company, 1900.

Chapter XVI. pp 142-147.l 

     "John, eldest son of Henry Trolinger, was born in 1790, and grew up to manhood at his 
	father's in the old home. 
	He was a great advocate of education all his life. He was chairman of the county board 
	of education and manager of the free schools until the County of Orange was divided, 
	and afterwards held the same position in Alamance county until the Civil war. 
	He was chairman, also, a part of the time, of the county court of Orange, and afterwards 
	of Alamance. 
	He advised and aided a number of young men to get an education, and was 
	considered one of the best historians of his age. 
	On the first of January, 1832, he commenced work on the first cotton factory built 
	in the county, situated on Haw River, a short distance above where Stony creek runs 
	into the river, and turned the river into the creek, a work that was thought by 
	others could not be done. After he built the factory, others joined him and formed 
	a joint stock company, naming it 	"The High Falls Manufacturing Co." 

	He built about one mile of the N. C. R. R., west side of the river, including the 
	high embankment at the river. He married Elizabeth Rony in 1809; to them were born 
	five sons and five daughters. In October, 1869, this noble man passed away, and was 
	buried by the side of his people in the family cemetery."

	General Benjamin N. Trolinger 1810-1862, was the eldest son of John Trolinger

Headstones as read Jan, 2001:

John Trolinger             b. 18 Dec 1790   d. 8  Oct 1869    Picture  

Elizabeth Trolinger        b. 20 Apr 1789   d. 22 Mar 1871    Picture 
 to the Memory of                  
     Wife of
  April 20, 1789
  March 22, 1871

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